Thrifty 102: Tightfisted Money Tips I Should have kept from College


Welcome to part two of my tightfisted series.  I wanted to share more money tips to help you buy more and save money.


Money Tips I Should have kept from College


Buy Cheap(er) Bath & Body Products
What shampoo did I use during college? V05 baby. It was 79 cents darn thrifty and it was the only thing that could tame my curly girl hair. I was just chatting with my friend Eliza and we were discussing her Thanksgiving. She had rented a house with several friends and had forgotten her shampoo. She found some V05 in the shower and used it. She was amazed at how good her hair looked the rest of the day and she has switched. Cheap doesn’t always equate to poor quality. Here’s a site that lists the top 10 shampoos per consumer reports (V05 is one of them).


It’s easy to see how the dollars can add up quickly in this area. When I got my first credit card the first thing I went and bought was clinique makeup and Paul Mitchell hair product. My current addiction is to Dermalogica. I could just cry knowing that I won’t be able to afford this stuff when Mr. Bejelly  goes to school (I’m really considering selling my plasma so I can keep using this stuff). Also, I haven’t worn makeup in several years and I was shocked to see how expensive it is at a recent shopping trip with a friend. For some money-saving strategies for makeup check here.
If you want to save money shop smarter or make your own products. I have made hair gel with flaxseed. It’s very cheap and works really well. I’ve used olive oil and mayonnaise as a deep hair treatment (I even got the Mister to do this with me).
The internet is the cheapskate’s playground. I did a lot of searching to find cheap organic body products and I have found the most deals at vitacost. They even have coupon codes online to help save more money (note this is a referer link). I’ve also found great deals at discount stores and the mark down bins at my grocer (recent find 50% off Giovanni hair gel).  About has a great page with more thrifty bath and body product tips.
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    I actually had issues with pricier shampoos and have to go back to midrange priced shampoo…go figure :/ sometimes more expensive isn't always better anyhow!
    good little tip you have.

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