My Cheapo Wedding – part 2

My wedding anniversary was last week and I wrote a post about how J & I only spent $2400. I wanted to add some photos and little more detail.

wedding walk
I had my wedding dress made. I found a dressmaker on craigslist and spent $250 for everything (including shoes which I bought for $13 at buffalo exchange). Looking back I wish I would have done a little more shopping as I just saw a dress I would have loved to wear that is only $100. J’s suit was $75 total. It is deep chocolate-brown color and can be worn again for other occasions.

The orchid blossoms I purchased online from Hawaii and I got 400 for $100. These were the main flowers at my wedding. I did use tulips for the bouquets (which my sister made) and was lucky enough that they are in season in March so that means cheap. I believe the total cost for bouquets was $20.
The cake was from a small local bakery. Honestly, it wasn’t that great and I wanted to make my cake(but every single person I told this too was like, “you can’t do that!”). The cost was $125. Do you know the cake that I could make for that money? It did work out as in the end I was way too busy to add this to my plate (I was sweeping up our kitchen floor 5 minutes before walking down the aisle)

Again, my parents bought and made the food for our wedding gift so that was free. . . oh so yummy

The photos were taken by a friend so the cost was $100 ( $25 for film and $75 for processing).

The rest of the budget was spent on a minister($100), invitations ($75) and odds and ends (chairs, gift bags, etc)



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