My Cheapo Wedding

Today is J & my wedding anniversary. When we got a married three years ago we wanted something simple and sweet so we ended up getting married at our house. The entire cost of the wedding plus rings was $2400. My ring was 1K and J’s was $300.

I was able to stretch my budget by getting my family to give items for the wedding.

  • My ma & pa bought and cooked all the food (my ma is an excellent cook – I still have people asking me if I can get them more food from the big day).
  • My dear friend Eliza bought all the beer.
  • I was able to borrow from my work three long tables to be used for seating and a buffet table.
  • My sisters did all the decorating and my hair and makeup.
  • Eliza’s BF played the wedding march and our exiting song on his violin.

What I didn’t get for free I made (wedding invitations and gift bags) or hunted for on the internet (orchid blossoms from Hawaii for $100 and our rings) and Asian markets.

My wedding day was exactly what I wanted – low key with good food, friends and family.


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  1. Anonymous says

    congratulations on your frugal wedding!

    I have a friend who spent a boatload on his wedding and its barely lasted a year!
    Talk about a bad investment!


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