Grocery Budget Buster

Since J started working we’ve been going whole hog and spending like crazy. I’m trying to start reigning it in and begin the task of paying of the big debts so the transition into a one income family isn’t such a shocker. What I really need to do is get a part-time job but I am absolutely fighting myself on this. I need to figure something out by the summer and will let you know what I decide.

Looking at our budget.  One of the easier ways to save money is to cut back on expenses. Food is the major expense we run into every month. We spend between $150 – $175 a week on food. Yes, you read that right. I’ve been buying everything organic and now that I’m a meat eater and discovered how delicious lamb is ($13/lb for free range organic lamb) and other lovely pasture raised meats that cost and arm and leg that adds quite a bit. We also spend a ton on beverages for J (I think he’s allergic to water taste) and um – sweets (donuts – soy free chocolate bars – coconut ice cream). I also spend $6 – $10 a week on delicious raw milk to make kefir and cream cheese and such (I was spending $4 a week on a quart of kefir and I can buy a gallon of raw milk for $10 and make 3 quarts and have milk for the week). Anyhow, I need to cut costs and I found a class in PDX that helps shoppers such as myself save money and still eat the lovely things I want to eat. I’m taking a class next month and I am stoked. I will report back on the change in my grocery budget  a month after taking the class.


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    I can not wait to read all of the tips you learn. We spend about $250/week for our family of five and eat mostly organic foods and do a lot of clean eating.

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