The search for Organic coupons

Even with our tight budget, I make it a priority to eat organic foods. Yes, it can be more expensive but I don’t put a price on my health, plus, I don’t care what you say, the food tastes better especially when it comes to things like meat. My sister-in-law hates the taste of real butter and pork. After tasting the stuff she buys I can see why.

Anyhow, if you’re looking organic coupons, your first stop should be the manufacturer’s website. More often than not, they offer free coupons for subscribing to their newsletter, filling out a survey, etc. This morning I printed out a $1 off any MaraNatha product from their website for some Tahini I plan to buy today. I don’t eat nuts anymore but oh my jelly their peanut butter is amazing.

Next I hit up Stonyfield Farm’s website, registered and print out some coupon for my favorite whole milk plain yogurt. They also have a rewards program which I didn’t know about. . Hello! Anyhow, you get the gist. Visit those website of the product you love and see what treats they have for you. If, by chance, they don’t have something email them. Tell them you just love their product, you’ve told your mama, your daddy and your best friend how Theo’s chocolate is the bees knees and they might just send you some coupons.

There are some websites that specialize in only organic coupons like Mambo Sprouts, Chinook Book and every now and then has a cool organic/natural food coupon you can use.

Don’t forget to look on sites like Vitacost to save on organic/natural products also. If you’re a new customer, this link will save you $10 off your first order.

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