Swagbucks vs Superpoints

I recently discovered Swagbucks and Superpoints as a way to make extra money or get prizes for very little effort.   Both give you points for completing offers, watching videos and doing surveys.   Here’s a quick breakdown on Swagbucks vs Superpoints.

Swagbucks awards you points randomly for searching via their web search.   I typically rack up 30 points a day using their web search option. This does not include Friday in which they give away mega swag bucks.  You can score anywhere from 30 to 1000 swagbucks on these days.   The easiest way to use this feature is to set them as your default search engine. Check out this page to learn how to do this.

Swagbucks also shares bonus codes on their blog and have set Tuesday’s as Twitter Tuesday’s rewarding random people for using the phrase that pays.

They also have special occasions where they offer bonus points for participating in code searches.  Today I scored an extra 70 points by participating in the code search they had going on.    So far, I’ve racked up 2000 points from a combination of searches and completed offers. They really offer up the most points to people with minimal effort.

Superpoints has a lucky button in which you get so many “pushes” a day to score random points. They also send out lucky emails in which you get points.

They are pretty limited on how you can get points and I have yet to see them offer up points as freely as Swagbucks. They do have more offers your can try out to earn points though.  Recently I completed four trial offers with them and was able to get $25 cash via paypal.

Another difference I see is in their rewards catalog.  Swagbucks offers a little more variety, however Superpoints has the Ipod I have dreamed about for weeks, which has a lot more memory than the one in the Swagbucks store. Also, there can be a huge difference in the way their rewards are priced.  I’ll use the example of the Ipod Touch I want.  Swagbucks has an 8G model in their store that is currently on sale for 24,999 SB.  The regular price for this is 49,299 SB.  Superpoints has a 64G model that is 45,000 points.  That’s quite a difference and I know that it will take me a longer amount of time to reach this goal with Superpoints due to how much more difficult it is to get extra points from them. Looking at smaller item like a $5 Amazon gift card, Swagbucks offers this for 450 SB and Superpoints offers it for 500 points.  There is no rhyme or reason but the difference is why I’m a member of both sites.

Right now, Swagbucks has a bonus of 100 points if you are a new sign up.  Use this link and enter the code HOLIDAYSWAG.

I also have invites for Superpoints if you want to earn prizes from them.  Just leave a comment and I’ll email you the code.


  1. futuredoc says

    Hi! I’d like an invite to superpoints :) I stumbled on your blog and found out about superpoints from swagbucks!

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