B. Toys One Two Squeeze Review

As I expected, the Little guy made out like a bandit during Christmas.  As we piled the loot in our minivan, I could easily see how people out grow their homes when they have children from the immense load of  baby products.

Anyhow, three weeks  later I’m trying to organize his stash when my eye is immediately caught by the vibrant colorful packaging of the B.  One Two Squeeze toy.  Not only is the coloring of the packaging fanciful, but it’s reusable as storage for the multicolored soft blocks.

Right now my Little guy is in the stage where everything is going in to his mouth or he’s ramming it against his head.  This makes hard toys impossible right now so I’m constantly on the search for soft colorful toys that he can grab and do his worst with.

What I like about this toy as a mom:
1) The blocks are made from BPA free plastic.
2) It’s a soft toy that floats in water (Rubber ducky has some competition).
3) The blocks are designed with numbers and animals so it’s a toy that will be useful as a learning tool when he’s older.

What I like about this toy as a shopper:
1) I LOVE the colors of this toy.  Most toys seem to be from a pretty standard color palate and these offer some really rich different colors
2) B. uses recycled paper, soy based inks and minimal packaging.
3) The details of the animals on the blocks are pretty impressive.

What the Little likes about this toy:
1) Goo gahh bbbllleeee  ppppppp  Y!!

That’s pretty verbatim and I’m assuming he’s saying something like “Wow, it squeaks and I can hit it against my head and it doesn’t hurt.”

To learn more about them and find some pretty nifty toys visit their website.


One Two Squeeze is available at Amazon for $12.35



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