Weight Loss Girl #3: Put up or Shut up


All week I’ve ignored my fitness journey.  I’ve pined to work this weight loss sponsor (who just confirmed today we will be working together yeah!) so I keep putting off working out and watching what goes into my mouth.   I keep thinking, no I’ll just wait until my fitness coach tells me what to do.

While my diet is pretty clean and I eat primarily protein, veggies, fruit and fat, I find myself autopilot eating handfuls of dark chocolate chips and jo jos from the supermarket deli.   Last night, I decided I need to put up or shut up.  If I’m going to reach my goal, I can’t wait for someone to do it for me.  I have to make it as much of a commitment as  mothering my child.

So I signed up for fitday.com and tracked what I ate for the day and realized I was eating more carbs than I thought.  I’ve also been guilty of just skipping food for lunch and splurging on a café latte with heavy whipping cream instead which, yes, keeps me full, but doesn’t really contribute to the vitamins and minerals I need as a nursing mother.

I’ve been walking for exercise with my husband however, when it’s a rainy drizzly mess, which it is 75% of time, I end up sitting on my computer instead of turning to a workout video.   I walked 2 times this week and ideally I want to work out at least 5 times a week.

So basically, two weeks in,  I’ve blown a lot of smoke when I could have been 14 days into a fitter me.  I will give myself a little slack with the Little teething but, it will always be something with a growing infant.

Today, I’m working out. 

No more excuses. 

Today, I’m going to eat 3 meals and track what I eat. 

Today, I’m going to start the habit of putting my health first. 

I’m going to open my journal on fitday  and put a button up for all to see today!


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  1. says

    Good for you! Hopefully fitday will be that extra kick in the butt. It is so hard starting off, I am having that problem too so I hope all goes well for you this week! Keep us posted

  2. says

    Awesome attitude! Getting started was the hardest for me but once I finished that first work out I felt great and that’s when I really got motivated!!! Good luck!!

  3. Mellissa Hanks says

    Good luck :O) I to am suppose to start working with a company on a weightloss program. I find myself saying tomorrow ALOT it is time to start saying today!

  4. Kelley Johnsen says

    Great job! Once you take the journey for yourself you will be more successful in your journey. A great start is tracking you food. We think things are a lot healthier than they truly are until we see it add up. Keep up the good work and remember this is no diet, it is a lifestyle change. Things get a lot easier when you think long term.

  5. says

    You go girl! I’m going to check out Fitday! This post is giving me motivation to work out too so thank you for that! I really need to get on top of my weight loss goals.

  6. says

    I’ve missed several days the past week because I hurt my ankles at work and man, I feel horrible physically having not worked out. It’s so strange how you really start to “feel” it when you get into the habit. I actually miss it believe it or not and I’ve NEVER been into fitness! LOL You can do this!

  7. says

    Wooohoo! In my journey I have learned it is ALL about the mindset. We KNOW what we should/have to do… its just getting our head in the right place that really makes the difference. Kudos to ya and good luck!

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