You Might be a Real Food Foodie If Infographic

An infographic by A Girl Worth Saving. A Portland mom who shares her parenting stories, saving advice and paleo diet recipes


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    I love this! I laughed out loud at the Cod Liver Oil comment because OF Course we have a favorite. And I was nodding my head saying, yes I know that person and that person and that person. But I don’t own chickens – I do want to , we just aren’t allowed in our community!

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      Awesome! I’ve been dreaming about a hobby farm for years and hopefully within the next 10 we’ll have our small patch of land and can raise our own animals.

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    Raise chickens? Yep. Joel Salatin? Yep. :) In fact, I think we pretty much do all of these! Except for raw milk. It’s illegal to buy it here so we are waiting to get our own cow next year.

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