Happy New Year! A Round of Thanks and What Lies Ahead

Happy New Year 2013


Happy New Year Everyone!

As I look back at 2012, I am amazed at how much my site has grown and beyond thankful for

every single one of you

who has taken time from your day to spend a moment with me.  Time is our most precious commodity and it is truly an honor that you would give me even a second of your time.

  • Thank you to those of you leave comments on my site and think that what I’m creating it good enough to share.
  • Thank you to those of you who chat with me on Facebook and Twitter and give me feedback when I need it.  There are times when I have come to a complete blank on what to create and you have helped inspire me.
  • Thank you to those of you who subscribe to my posts via email and rss! It is fine praise  that you would find my posts good enough to grace your mail box.
  • Thank you to the lurkers who think my site is good enough to lurk.
  • Thank you to the Momdotters! You ladies are the cream of the crop and I am tickled pink to be part of you.
  • Thank you to the bloggers who have become my friend! Each of you is an inspiration and I am so glad to be part of your lives.  Btw – I love making friends so don’t be shy about reaching out to me.
  • Thank you to the brands and PR Companies that have worked with me.
  • Thank you my husband and son for putting up with how much time it takes to run my site.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.  I want to share some of the things that lie ahead this year.  Yes, I’ll be sharing more Paleo recipes and my weight loss journey (I AM GETTING TO MY GOAL THIS YEAR!).  I also want to also share more stories of raising a Paleo child, a weekly series showing how to follow the Paleo lifestyle on a budget  and more even helpful tutorials.

If you have been struggling with an issue or want more information about anything Paleo let me know! I love researching and sharing and would be happy to create something for everyone.

Again, Happy New Year everyone and I am so excited to see what the year holds ahead.



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    I’m glad to be apart of the Momdotters, too! I love your blog!!! And I had a dream the other night that I was meeting you in a coffee shop. :)

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    Happy New Year Kelly!! I can’t wait to see more of your Paleo recipes and your journey through your weight loss. And yes, you WILL reach your goal this year! You did great last year but you have a fresh start now and I believe you will reach your goal in no time flat!

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