Living Paleo on a Budget – Tip #1


I am tightwad when it comes to most things in life – clothing, entertainment, furniture are often used or I’ve scored the earth trying to find the best possible deal that I can on them but with food it’s a different story.

When I had an office job, we would easily spend $1000 a month on food and supplements.  Take into account this was for two people only.  Now with the Little I absolutely struggle with sticking to my $100 a week food budget.  It’s tough and I mean tough.  I go over my budget every week and I can’t do it any longer.  So this year, I need to learn if it’s possible to follow the Paleo Diet on a budget.

If you follow a Real Food Diet or Paleo diet you know that it is highly recommended that you’re eating organic, non-gmo fruits and veggies and  pastured animals.   More than likely you’ll also be taking supplements like fermented cod liver oil or high quality fish oil and  this mean MONEY.  This often means going into Whole Paycheck and walking out of the store with 2 grocery bags and $175 less in your wallet.

Each week I’m going to share my groceries for the week and if I was able to stick to the budget.  I’m going to share how to cut costs and  still eat as organic and free-range as possible.  One product I’m going to highly recommend going into this is a FoodSavor.   There is absolutely nothing worse than going out of your way to save money only to find the food is freezer burnt or spoiled down the road.

Paleo Budget Tip #1

My first money saving tip revolves around nuts.  I have found that absolute best time to stock up on nuts is after the holidays.   Most grocery stores are going to stock up on the nuts for holiday baking so  all of the overstock  is going to be on sale.   Today I was looking through the clearance bins at my grocery store and there were bags of walnuts on clearance.  I scored five bags of 16 oz walnuts for $4.64 each.  The suggested retail on them was $11 a piece.

Nuts will keep in the freezer for 9 – 12 months so if you have the freezer space, it would be worth it to stock up.



  1. Kimberly Euteneier says

    Another great tip for buying nuts is buying them in the bulk food section. That goes for spices too.

  2. says

    I am not on Paleo, but have done well getting some of my ingredients at discount grocers and local closeout stores. I grabbed a 4# bag of name brand organic quinoa the other day for less than the standard store charges for an 8 oz bag…. because it had a puncture, saved me over $20.

  3. says

    I love the idea of stocking up on any type of food that can be frozen during a great sale. Although I plan to purchase a deep freezer within the next few months, I do this as much as I can now with every item I can, including toiletries, paper products, and dry goods like cereal!

  4. says

    When I read “Whole Paycheck”, I straight up LOL’d at my office desk! I’m a new follow, and a doing Whole30 for the very first time, and I’ve really enjoyed your blog so far! Thanks for you honestly and humor, as well as the super useful tips and tricks!

    Blessings to you during your move and your Whole30/weight loss experience :)

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