Identity Theft Awareness during Tax Season

tax time identity theft


It’s tax time, and I’ve already done my taxes – not filed them mind you. This year was very different as it’s the first year that I have filed as self-employed, and I had a lot more documents to keep an eye out for in the mail.

With all the sensitive personal information getting mailed during this time, more people need to be aware of Tax-Time Identity Theft. I’m lucky to be home so I can watch my mail box like a hawk, but when I worked out of the home I was lucky enough to have an employer who simply gave us our W2s with our January paychecks.

Like most people, I download the necessary documents for my taxes online as well as prepare them online. Here is a list of some fantastic Identity Protection Tips and I wanted to share 3 from this post that really stood out:

1. Be suspicious any calls or emails claiming they are from the IRS. The IRS will never email you and will rarely if ever call.

2. Stick with a reputable tax preparation company if you file online.

3. Dumpster divers will be on the lookout for personal information during tax season so shred anything and everything with your personal information on it.

Identity thieves have targeted children based on the fact that parents are less likely to monitor their personal information. Tax ID theft is growing and kids are often the victims of this crime. Identity Guard ® has created  kID Sure®,  an identity theft monitoring service for children. For more information and to enroll you child visit Identity Guard ® kID Sure.

“This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition, I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.”


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      We just bought one thank goodness! I’m ashamed to admit DH and I were a receipt/record hoarders and we had to hire Cintas to come shred our 15 years of receipts and records. Not cheap but worth it and we learned our lesson!

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    Scary stuff!! Here in SC, 3.8 mil people had their info stolen so we’ve all had to go overboard to be sure it wasn’t used. Sad that we have to monitor our children’s info too!

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    I hate tax season because the W2’s and 1099’s very clearly say TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED! WHY do they do that?! It makes me so mad that they can’t just make them look like a regular letter.

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