Keep warm all winter with Quadra-Fire® Pellet Stove

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I’ve mentioned that the Bejelly family is shopping for a new home and one of the must haves on my list is a fireplace.  I’ve also been researching the most efficient and cost effective way to heat our new house with the fireplace and both my sister-in-law and a dear friend said – “Buy a pellet stove insert!”

Pellet Stoves are Awesome

Interestingly enough my sister-in-law owns one of the QuadraFire Pellet Stoves.  After doing more research on the company I found that they are  one of the quietest, best performing stoves on the market.  Pellet stoves are a popular heating alternative to traditional heating methods and costs 47% less than electric to heat your home.  I also really like how we would be able to still heat our house in the event of a power outage.

If we don’t find home with a fireplace Quarda-Fire® also has freestanding pellet stoves that make for a wonderful option.

Luckily for us a Federal tax credit on 75% efficient biomass heating appliances was reinstated on January 2, 2013 so we can get a 10% tax credit up to $300 on the cost of the stove.

Taking in consideration that the pellet stove would heat our home more efficiently as well as act as a back up in the case of weather related blackouts make this a priority for our family as soon as we buy our new home.    The tax credit is just the sugar on top of all of this.

For more information visit  their website and be sure to check them on Facebook and Twitter.

Quadra Fire T-Shirt

Quadra-Fire®  is sponsoring a giveaway for a T-shirt and notebook.

Giveaway is open to USA only and Ends on 2/18/2013 9:00 PM PST Time.  I will notify the winner via email and they will have 48 hours to respond back before another winner is selected.

For the entry visit QuadraFire Pellet Stoves and share what you love about their products in a comment below.


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  1. Tami Jo Eaton says

    I love everything about the Quadra-Fire Mount Vernon! We purchased a new house last year and it came with a gas (actually propane) pretty-looking fireplace. However, propane is super expensive, so our intentions are to rip that fireplace out and make a nice stone hearth and get a Mount Vernon. It’s just that that is a lot of work and a lot of money, so we have been dragging our feet. The Mount Vernon is top of my list because I love the look and durability of the cast iron. I love the fact that you can set a temperature and it does all the work. I also love the fact that multiple fuels can be used.

  2. says

    I think that giveaway is cool because the fire would b nice for me and hubby to sit by after our four boys go to bed at night not nec. in the summer out here but def. in the winter in AZ Also hubby is a big fan of anything wood!

  3. Kathy Lane says

    I would love to have one of these pellet stoves.They would be so handy to have when the power goes out.My heat pump went out last fall and we didn’t have the money to fix it then and had to use a wood burning fireplace until about 2 weeks ago.It was very hard on my husband and I to try and get wood cut and hauled to our home,and keep our home heated.We got the heat pump fixed and I wish we had the pellet burning stove.They are very nice looking,and I believe would be warmer than a heat pump.

  4. Laura says

    After having my power go out in -0 weather for 30 hours about a week ago, I’m going to have to go with being able to heat my house during power outages as the feature that I not only love the most, but feel the most strongly about. It can get viciously cold in Colorado during the winter.

  5. Judy Bradley says

    I had never heard of these before. I have a fireplace but I cannot burn regular wood all the time because of allergies and the mess drives me crazy and it is expensive. I love the idea of burning clean and healthy as well as providing heat for the house!

  6. Amy B says

    We have electric heat now and always worry about power outages in a storm so have been looking into a stove. I love the line of pellet stove that Quadra-Fire carries. Very nice looking. Also like the fact they have free-standing and inserts. Would be so nice to have a fire going on cold winter nights!

  7. Jane Ritz says

    I love everything I’ve read about the pellet stove. I would love to have one. I’ve been out of work for 3 years. I keep my heat on 58. I freeze all the time even though I wear lots of clothes., IT would be soo nice to have one of these.


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