Sins of a Crunchy Mother

Before I became a mother I was a holy avenger for the crunchy lifestyle. I only bought organic, fair trade food. I only took herbs, homeopathic medicines and used essential oils to treat any ailment. I slept when I had a headache. I  did not own a single petrochemical derived product and I went so far as to get a prescription for our bed so that it would not contain any chemicals whatsoever.

Well, first, having experienced a c-section and the mind numbing amount of pharmaceuticals in my system (which I thank the Universe for since my son’s birth was a unique one) and becoming a mom, my opinions have changed.    Here are a few products that have made their way into my household once I became a mom.

bleachBleach.  Yes, I own bleach now.   There is something about dealing with baby poo that brings out my instinct to use bleach.   I only use this for those extremely gross moments where I don’t think even Lemon essential oil would be able to tackle the task.    Also, when my parents were visiting last year my mother nearly had a heart attack as my sink looked like this:

old sink with scrupper


Now being that I first try Eco-friendly methods when cleaning I had tried every product I could get my hands on in addition to a pumice stone type product and they did not work.  Then I sprayed a mixture of water and bleach over the sink and it was like a beast to beauty transformation.


spilled pills


I now have to over the counter pain meds now in my pantry for the times I have headaches or other aches and pains. No more nap time for mommy.



Disposable diapers.  I tried cloth and well, I hate them.  I could not get the funk out of the dang things and just realized it was time to do what was best for our family and buy disposable.

What’s hiding in your pantry that people would not think that you owned?


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    Ha! I love my Excedrin–I can’t imagine trying to sleep off a headache. And while I try to buy natural products as much as possible, I have yet to find a natural shampoo that doesn’t make my hair look limp and dirty…

  2. says

    Haha, I’m sure there isn’t much you’d be surprised at in my closet but I’m never been one to be anti-stuff. BTW, we tried some cleaners without bleach and NOTHING works as well on toilet bowls and kitchen sinks. Your poor mom. That’s a pretty nasty looking sink 😛

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    We have a lot in common. I love the crunchy lifestyle but damn anyone who tries to take my bleach. I have tried many other products and the ONLY thing that actually gets white WHITE is chlorine bleach. I take Tylenol and many natural remedies but peppermint never cures my headache like Tylenol and I HATE cloth diapers. The closest I got was G-Diapers, but my hubby hated them.

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