STRIDER ST-4 Bike Review

strider bikes review

Is it wrong to be jealous of a kids bike?  While I have amazing memories of tooling around on my first Big Wheel, I really wish that the STRIDER™ No-Pedal Balance Bike would have been around when I was a kid.

I was sent the ST-4 bike to review.  This bike is a lightweight 6.7 lbs and made for kids aged 18 months to 5 years old.    It comes with a mini-grip Handle Bar, a mini-saddle,  12″ molded wheels.      STRIDER has taken into account every detail from the tire tread pattern to help with resistance on hard surfaces to using a more durable paint finish to help with the tumbles and scrapes of toddler hood.

Ok, yes, I had to sit on this and, um, the seat was not as plush as I would like but hey it held my weight (which goes to show how well built this bike is made).   The handle bars are really the perfect size for younger kids also as you can see from the photo below.   Again, the Little is 20-months-old and 33″  tall and you can see how well this bike fits him.

strider bikes review


What I love about this balance bike is that it will help teach the Little better balance and coordination skills.    Right now he really loves just walking it around everywhere and is hesitant to “ride it.”  I know what with time he’ll  tearing up the back yard with this bike so I’m not worried.

strider bikes review

The STRIDER St-4 retails for $109.00 and comes in some really fun colors.   I highly recommend it as a first bike for your toddler.

You can learn more about what makes STRIDER Balance Bikes rock on their website and also don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter.


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    this looks so cool. I would be afraid of my kid falling but I love the idea of them learning how to balance which would make learning how to ride a real bike so much easier.

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    I always wonder if these bikes are worth it. I mean there’s no pedals . I suppose learning balance and seating is beneficial but kids have learned to ride bikes with pedals and taking off the training wheels for years. We are teaching our 5 yr old this summer. wonder if this would be something that would help him to learn quicker

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    My 2 year old looves his bike…and boy can he zoom on it!! He can easily carry it around himself too, which is great! I wish I had this around for my two older girls…it would have made learning to ride so much easier AND earlier! The only drawback to this bike in our experience is the foot rest: my guy wants to put his feet up, and tries to get his feet up on the spots for it, but the ergonomics are off, he’d have to bend like a pretzel to get them up there!

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