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Yesterday was my 9th Wedding Anniversary and, crazy enough I almost forgot about it.  Yes, sometimes it’s the woman who forgets about the special occasions in life and I happen to be one of these special brand of women.

Now 11 years later, we’re parents and have been through 9 years of  the ups and downs as husband and wife.    While I  have a terrible memory for dates, honestly, the moment we were married I started planning  our life together (Hello Virgo over here).  I planned when we would buy our first house.  I planned when we would  have our first child.  I’ve also have planned when we will retire and take our grand tour through Europe.

Now, having said all that, one of the things I have not planned for is how we get the help and assistance we need in our old age.

Now as a healthy, active 36-year-old,  I hope and imagine that  Mr. Bejelly and I will still be mountain biking and chasing grand babies in our 90s.  However,  I know that  the future is simply a blank canvas and while I may have the paint brush to help  direct the flow of our lives, the paint colors and the brush strokes are a mystery waiting to be unveiled.

More and more lately I have been thinking about how we will  care for ourselves when we’re older.  Will we  need to move into a nursing home?  Can we get at-home care and most importantly of all, how will we afford it?    The median cost of long term care is more than $80,000 a year.  We don’t even make that much a year so that number is pretty frightening.

Also, it’s not shock that women tend to live longer then men, so when I read the helpful post “Long-Term Care is a Woman’s Issue” , I knew it was time to plan to buy long-term care insurance when we’re both in our 50s.     I know that neither one of us want to be a burden to our son  so I’m making this a priority and part of the big plan of our lives.

Genworth is a great resource for more information about long-term care insurance including what it covers and costs.  If this isn’t part of your big plan, you should at least learn more to see why long-term care insurance should be.


This post was brought to you by Genworth as part of a campaign by the  Brandfluential team. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.



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    First off… Congrats on your wedding anniversary! This is something I’ve not planned for yet, either. I know it’s something we need to do.

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    Happy Anniversary (a little late)! I want to be one of those little old ladies who still has get-up-and-go but who has to do nothing. No more cooking. No more cleaning. I am a-ok with going to a retirement/assisted care facility. I just need to figure out a way to pay for it.

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