Curry Plantain Chips

curried plantain chips

Hi all! My name is Heather Resler and I am the 18 year old blogger at Cook It Up Paleo.  I am so excited to be guest posting on A Girl Worth Saving! But let’s talk about these chips.  Plantains are pretty much the weirdest fruit ever.  They look like a giant banana but they […]

Honey Graham Crackers

paleo honey graham crackers

    It’s no shock that I have a sweet tooth.  If you look through the bulk of the recipes that I’ve shared on my website, you will see that desserts play a heavy rotation.  I know that when I first decided to jump into the Paleo diet, I was scared as a kitten that […]

Strawberry Salsa from Oprah’s #HarvestDay


When I think of summer, I think of strawberries. I think of me and the Little taking a trip to the farmer’s market and buying crate after crate of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries and then going home and pigging out on nature’s sweetness. It’s a miracle that my skin doesn’t have a red and blue […]

Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto Mac and Cheese

Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto Mac and Cheese

For months I have been waiting for my friend Kyndra’s book to release and seriously, after flipping through it, I literally had to wipe a jug of drool away. Gross. I know, but dang.  The book combines a lot of my absolutely favorite recipes made low carb and primal. I’m talking about recipes like Ruben […]

AIP Bread

aip sweet potato bread

Ok, I don’t know how extacly to explain the texture of this aip bread.   It kinda reminds me of an elephant ear marries a roll and then they had this as a baby. I know. It makes no sense but I seriously found it hard to stop eating. It was like, hrmm. .. I […]

Coconut Cinnamon Cereal

Coconut Cinnamon Cereal

  I was looking through my cookbook Paleo Eats and it just dawned on me that I hadn’t share the recipe for Coconut Cinnamon Cereal on my blog. Duh! This recipe is an upgraded version of my Paleo Cinnamon Toast Crunch recipe and seriously, you won’t believe how easy and delicious this recipe is to […]

Paleo Blackberry Cobbler in Mug

paleo cobbler in a mug

What’s a girl to do when it’s hot as molten lava outside and my sweet tooth goes on a rampage? Break down and make Paleo Blackberry Cobbler in a Mug, that’s what. Ok, I know. It’s made in the microwave but I’ve included directions for how to do it in your oven.  You could easily […]