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Last Updated on May 8, 2019

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Drug addiction is a national crisis. Every government that comes to power dedicates some of its efforts to curb the menace that never ends. As a drug addict, you have your own battle to fight. One of the most effective ways to recover from addiction is practicing yoga. You see, yoga is spiritual and fills your mind with positivity. What is more important in addiction than dealing with your emotions? Yoga will help you heal the body, mind and the spirit. It has these ten benefits to your drug addiction recovery.

Eliminates Reactiveness

Drug addicts have strange behavior which may include reactiveness to happenings around them. Their moods can be out of control and are triggered in seconds when angry. Some damage stuff while others become violent.

Yoga and meditation can overturn the condition, and you can finally have better thoughts, respond more positively and be aware of the other person’s situation. You train your mind to control itself.

Reduces Stress

Stressful situations can lead to addictive behavior and cravings for substance. Living a sober life can also turn out to be stressful as you fight the urge.

Yoga emphasizes willpower and beats stress. Recovering addicts can learn to combat stress, temptations and above all, regain control of themselves with yoga.

You Will Feel Stronger And Flexible After Every Exercise

Every exercise will help you feel stronger and more flexible. Any pain that you might feel after your withdraw will diminish as you stretch. Yoga exercise impacts all corners of your body.

It will also help treat trauma or any distress you may be feeling by calming your nerves and reducing the cravings you have for the drugs you are trying to get rid of.

It Provides A Community

You definitely had a community when you were using drugs. There was the peddler, and the barman who wouldn’t tell you “that’s enough for today.”

In yoga, you will meet other people who are going through similar or different situations and together you will be on the path to recovery. You can support one another through classes and workshops.

Helps You Sleep Better

Another major concern for recovering addicts is insomnia. Every drug user has insomnia. It’s caused by disrupted sleep patterns caused by alcohol and drug abuse.

Yoga is tiring when you practice for hours every day, and a tired body would want to rest.

It Improves Your Mental Health

Addiction can damage your brain that you will find it hard experiencing happiness without using a drug.

Yoga exercises your brain through breath, movement and awareness which stimulates endorphins to make your mind feel good.

Improves Circulation

Better circulation lowers your blood pressure, the risk of heart disease, and increases the oxygen flow in your brain.

Thanks to yoga, you can improve circulation with the practice and improve your mood to help you think clearly.

It Gives You Fierce Determination

You might find yourself holding meditation for longer, and that means you are enjoying it. You resist giving up or giving in, and it encourages you not to give up on your recovery as well.

The inner self that tells you not to quit on the posture when meditating in spite of the discomfort is the same one that encourages you to chase your goals.

It Improves Self-Discipline

Learning how to turn down an urge is challenging, but when you dedicate yourself to yoga, and you pass the challenges, it gives you a new discipline.

The discipline helps you stay clean and drug-free for the rest of your lives and encourages you to complete your ibogaine treatment therapy.

You No Longer Feel Tired

Whenever addicts take drugs, they get energized for a short while and wears off completely. So, they feel tired when they aren’t under the influence.

Yoga helps them control their mind and makes them feel active.


Your loved ones will be happy if you overcome addiction. They will be supporting you all the way, and yoga will have a positive impact on your recovery.

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