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Last Updated on December 7, 2019

Winning is an art, a discipline and above all a practice that is perfected only with meticulous planning, presence of mind and the ability to seize an opportunity. Casino is no different – the more you commit yourself to it, the more you hone your sparks and increase your chances of winning. Most people think that Casino is pure gamble and one needs to be bestowed by lady luck if he or she must win. In my strongest of belief, such thoughts are wishful thinking as Casino is anything but luck. It is a game of science backed with statistics.

Winning is an art, a discipline and above all a practice that is perfected only with meticulous planning, presence of mind and the ability to seize an opportunity. Casino is no different – the more you commit yourself to it, the more you hone your sparks and increase your chances of winning. Most people think that Casino is pure gamble and one needs to be bestowed by lady luck if he or she must win. In my strongest of belief, such thoughts are wishful thinking as Casino is anything but luck. It is a game of science backed with statistics.

Today’s modern technology has advanced to the level where you don’t really need to make that expensive and time-consuming visit to Las Vegas or Macau to enjoy the thrill of playing casino. Now you can enjoy casino right inside your home or workplace or during travel on the internet. The online casino marketplace is widespread and arguably amongst the largest online industry in the world today. It attracts billions of participants or gamblers accessing it 24/7 all through the year. According to Casino Lista online casinos have higher payouts compared to their physical counterparts, notably between 96% and 98%, primarily due to its relatively lower cost of operation.

We have researched and highlighted the top 10 tips and tricks that are a must know for all online casino players.

1. Learn The Game

You don’t want to burn your hands trying to dip your hands into a boiling porridge even though it looks appetizing. Or do you?

The same analogy is applicable for Online Casino games too. The flashy ads with  success stories advertised over the website coupled with your desire to become an overnight millionaire is just the perfect blend to that appetizing yet hot porridge. Exercise restraint, keep calm, filter the noise and get to the basics – that is learn how to eat the porridge and what goes with it.

One must invest considerable time and effort to learn the game. Let us take the example of a popular casino game – Blackjack.

• One must understand the terminologies used in the game to begin with (hit and stand, soft and hard hand, what is doubling down and splitting).

• Follow it up with learning the basics of blackjack strategy to understand the best fit moves for every situation that arises in the game. It is the bible to the game and is backed with rigorous mathematical and statistical modeling.

• Learn common rules in the game such as keep control of finances, work to split aces, and never split tens, etc.

2. Make Use Of Free Games

Unlike their physical counterparts, players can take advantage of free games offered by most online casinos. With no real bankroll involved, players can leverage the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the rules of the game. Once you are comfortable, you can start with real money and put your skills to test.

Also, there are online casino platforms that give you free sign-up bonuses to get you started. And we are not simply talking about salesy offers but real bonuses that you can even claim now. However, you must read the bonus terms and conditions in details and take advantage of such freebies to begin your online casino experience. They offer you free slots, while giving you the chance to win real money. Not only this, some platform such as King Billy allows you to participate in freeroll tournaments without committing any money from your side, making it risk free. Here is how you can enroll for free tournaments:

• The online casino platform prefixes an entry fee for a tournament for the player to participate.

• Post registration, all participants receive an equal amount of free credits.

• Use the free credits to play the game.

• Once you are able to strike the winning formula, you can look to increase your stakes by engaging actual money.

3. Look For Online Casinos That Are Credible

With the advent of technology, casinos are virtually accessible on the go using your mobile device. With higher demand, comes the need for higher supply – this is common high school economics. With online casinos mushrooming at a scale larger than ever, there is growing need for participants, especially newbies to be vigilant. A quick search query on Online Casino on the internet throws up an almost endless list of options. But are all genuine is a question that newbies must ponder upon. After all not many can claim that they gamble just for fun, at the end it’s also about winnings because you spend your hard-earned cash.

Many online casinos try to lure players by offering bonuses or credits for free. They may even give you heavily discounted points running into multiples for every dollar you spend. Below are some checkpoints you must ensure before investing your money on online casinos:

• Research well before you hit the payment page or link.

• Read reviews and gather experiences from other players.

• Look for instances where reviewers have highlighted wrong-doings such as rigging.

• Be smart enough to filter out biases or reviews that have been planted by the management.

• Look for their licenses or registration details.

• See if they have a secure payment link e.g. look for SSL Certificate and 128-bit encryption.

4. Stick To A Budget, Do Not Stray

Online casinos could overwhelmingly play on your mind, tempting you to invest more every time, irrespective of the outcome of the game. Ever heard of that old-age idiom suggesting that one who fights and runs away, will have another chance to fight some other day? This is perfectly suited in case of Online Casinos too. If you are looking to prolong the game, you should pick games that match your budget. You obviously cannot go shopping for a Louis Vuitton when you have the budget for a Jockey. If you set higher bets with a limited budget, you may have to call it a day sooner.

The advantage of online casino platform is that they have a betting range that is spread wide enough to accommodate bets a few cents per line up to a $100 or more. This gives you a higher probability to strike more winning notes and also ensure you last longer all throughout the evening. So spend in smaller pockets, and play more. The rule is simple, beginners need to determine their risk appetite, budget and threshold:

• How long do I need to spend? Have a strict bankroll management strategy.

• What is the maximum I can afford to commit? Experts recommend you should have a predetermined budget and stick to it.

• How much each game costs?

• How many games should I be playing today?

• Set a strict winning amount at which you must commit to stop.

5. Casinos That Have Lower House Edge

House edge is a concept that is biased towards the house or owner that runs the casino. It gives unfair advantage to the casino by predetermining the casino’s average profit from a player’s bet. Depending on the game being played or the popularity of the casino, house edge varied between 1 percent to 10 percent, or higher. Which means for every dollar a player puts forwards a fixed percentage is set aside towards the casino.

If you place a bet of $1,000 at a Casino, which has fixed 10% house edge for say a game of poker, you are playing with $900, even though the casino gives you $1,000 worth points/coins.

Players looking to engage in online casinos should inquire about the house edge and look for casino platforms that have the least house edge. Lesser the house edge, the fairer it is for players as they stand higher chances of winning.

6. Make Sure You Don’t Over Indulge And Be A Responsible Gambler

Like their physical peers, online casinos too are there to make the most out of your money. Let us be aware that when indulging in online gambling, you are almost always alone. With loneliness around you, you may not be in your best senses to control the role of dopamine hormone that incites you to push harder. Look for casinos that stand for responsible gambling.

With the ease of accessibility and no-holds-bar gambling, it could lead players to irresponsibly engage in the game. The repercussion could range from high debt, sale of valuable assets, financial turmoil, and above all loss of mental peace. In principle, many casinos offer helplines numbers and other tools to prevent irresponsible gambling, but in practice there are few that puts a stop-loss limit to protect the player. Most of them give users the option to use the tool based on their own sense of judgement, which does not happen when dopamine weighs heavily upon you.

Online casinos are available only for adults above the age of 18, who are understood to be self-sufficient to make rational decisions, it doesn’t stop a responsible casino to warn their patron of their limits. Irrespective of how rich a person is, it is comforting to engage with an online casino partner that values you as an individual rather than a money minting machine.

7. Set Limits Or Parental Control

Continuing the discussion on responsible gambling, I must confess it is difficult to strike an optimal balance between fun and greed or even worse – frustration. Consumption of alcohol can be a force multiplier and arouse the urge to spend recklessly as if tomorrow does not exist. For those that are faint-hearted and cannot control the temptation, let technology be your guardian in disguise during such incidents. Below are few options available to online casino gamblers to impose restraint:

• Set Limits – if you are using a bank credit card, pre-set limits for gambling or set usage limits. Doing so, you will be reminded of the threshold, acting as a deterrent to spend further.

• Use blocking software – to ensure none in your family gets addicted to online casinos, you can use software such as gamblock, gamban, betblocker, etc. to set parental control over any gambling websites or platforms. You can also impose self-restriction using such tools to keep yourself at bay.

8. Modes Of Payment Offered

Players must look at online casinos that have an array of payment options, and not just the traditional wire transfer option. Online Casinos that accept multiple payment terms gives you the flexibility to choose from your preferred mode of payment. This works best when you have multiple bank cards, each with different payment cycle. One can literally play with bank’s money without having to pay interest. While this is not advisable, it can be of great help for people willing to take responsible risk.

• Credit cards – this is by far the best payment instrument as it allows you an interest free period to repay. One can take calculated risk to find a trade-off between risk and earning potential. You can also work with your credit card provider to set up a deposit limits to keep the dopamine effect to check.

• Neteller Account – One can open a Neteller account for free and use it for transferring money to casinos.

• Wire transfer – arguably the most traditional form of money transfer and takes over a day to reflect, this method is recommended only if the transaction amount is too large.

• Paysafecard – Available to be purchased at local resellers, this is a prepaid card that can be used to pay casino deposits online. Being prepaid card, one can easily put in self-restraint on his or her behavior.

9. Mode Of Withdrawal

In general, there are multiple ways to encash your winning money, and each online casino has its own set of options to choose from. The top four withdrawal options are as follows:

• Wire transfer – is a common method used by online casinos to remit back money to its patrons. Given that wire transfers are chargeable, it is in your best interest to request for it only when you have a sizable amount in your kitty to withdraw.

• Cheque – you can instruct your online casino partner to write you a cheque and ship it to your postal address via UPS, FedEX or DHL. If you have opted for this option, you will receive the cheque in a couple of days after the request has been accepted. The casino may deduct the shipping charge from your winning amount.

• Neteller – this service is free of charge and you can get your winning amount credited to your account in a few days. As there are no fees involved, this is the most cost-effective mode of remittance compared to other option.

10. Do Not Gamble While Under The Influence Of Alcohol

The last and final tip, yet the most important one is – do not couple gambling with alcohol. Alcohol is certainly not the garlic dip that goes best with your salsa nachos. They don’t complement each other, rather corrupt each other. As discussed above, gambling is pure science, mathematics and statistics. You need to pay attention to details and strategize well to increase your winning probability. Alcohol could influence you negatively, leading to losses.

While in many countries gambling and alcohol are absolutely legal, it is for your own good to seperate the two. Alcohol has an impact on people that gamble, and the ill-effects could be:

• Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol due to anxiety and stress caused due to gambling.

• Financial indiscipline leading to higher spend on gamble, often using debt instruments such as credit card and overdraft.

• The temptation to win or recover losses could make you spend more time on the online casino portal.

• Impromptu decision or behavior as a result of the gamble and intoxicated physical-self.

Be wise, do not let alcohol work against you.

As players one must exercise restraint and not become a compulsive gambler. While it is fun, exciting and entertaining to gamble, one must follow financial and risk discipline and not make it an obsession. Online Casinos or any form of gambling is best treated as entertainment and nothing beyond it.

Compulsive gambling can have devastating effect that can hamper personal relations, bankruptcy and a host of other problems. It is not easy to distinguish the entertainment quotient and the obsession when it comes to gambling. It can start with fun and end up in a mess, without you knowing how it happened. A word of wisdom – be prepared to lose only to the extent you can afford to pay for.

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