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Last Updated on November 4, 2017

Car accidents can be serious and life-altering. Few car accident victims walk away from a crash without at least some emotional or physical damage, which can be carried for years.


You’ll have likely suffered both financial and emotional damages in your accident, especially if it was serious. The road to recovery can be lengthy, and there is no roadmap that applies to each person.


“You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about how you are handling the stress from your car accident,” Washington state car accident lawyer Chris Davis says. “Seeing a counselor can help you deal with the common psychological effects of an accident.”

This list is not comprehensive. If you find yourself involved in a serious car accident, the ways your life will change could fill a book. But don’t worry: hiring an experienced car accident attorney can help mitigate those things and help make you whole.


  1. Costs of medical bills: If your crash was serious and you face a lengthy hospital stay, get ready for medical bills that will blow your mind. Victims often have hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills after serious wrecks, and are left scratching their heads wondering how it’ll be paid for. The right personal injury attorney operates on a contingency fee basis, fighting for the best result possible and won’t charge you a dime until a settlement is reached.


  1. Emotional damages: The following are some of the most common emotional reactions to a serious car wreck: shock, disbelief, anger, nervousness, fear, and guilt. If you have strong feelings about the accident for a long time afterwards, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTSD).


  1. Long-term physical injuries: Serious wrecks often are life-changing. Spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, burns and amputations mean your everyday life will never be the same.


  1. Ensuing legal case: If you were injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, it’s wise to open a personal injury claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company. This can be stressful and time consuming, so it’s smart to consult with an attorney.


  1. Missed time from work: While recovering from your injuries and pursuing an insurance claim, you’re probably missing some time from work. This may jeopardize your standing at your company and result in lost wages, putting a burden on you and your family.


  1. Repairing your car: While personal injury attorneys do not handle property damage, you obviously are facing life without a vehicle, at least for a little while. This inconvenience can be stressful and put a strain on your family.


  1. Pain and suffering: Serious car wrecks are painful, as is the road ahead. Pain and suffering can refer to any of the following: physical disfigurement or impairment, potentially shortened lifespan, mental anguish, loss of reputation, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  2. Traffic tickets: If you were found partially at fault in a car wreck, the police may have issued you a ticket. This may mean you will have higher insurance premiums, affect your ability to get certain jobs (driving jobs), as well as cost you money (fines).
  3. Less free time: Doctors appointments and legal consultation can be time consuming. All the things on this list take time.
  4. Quality of relationships: Car accidents put a strain on you, your spouse, your children, extended family, as well as friends. People are usually understanding after these accidents, and victims should be grateful for the support they receive.

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