Paleo Meal Planning? How many hours do you spend cooking?

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Yesterday I spent the day at the park with Little.

It’s amazing to me a spark of life  turns us from a few cells into a living breathing miracle.

 The boy is 3 and I’m thankful that I can barely keep with him,  which is why the park is our new favorite place on earth.

He runs, climbs, jumps, and roars like a lion for hours and before he finally comes down to my speed.

There is nothing like just sitting, at peace, in the sunshine and feeling the wind on skin and watching my son grow before my eyes.

There is nothing closer to my heart than spending time, present (meaning not thinking about the dishes, the laundry, what we’re going to eat for dinner), with my family.

When I first came to the Paleo diet, I was sick.

I was pre-diabetic and suffering from depression and anxiety.

I was desperate for help and changing my diet saved me.

I was willing to put up with the hours of prep, the budget breaking ingredients and trade my time for my health.


Not anymore.


There is an easier way for Paleo Meal planning and 20 Dishes was born from honing all of my cooking skills (as well as my dear friends and kitchen Ninja’s Orleatha Smith and Jessica Espinoza so that people could finally get all the benefits of the Paleo diet, without spending hours in the kitchen(or an arm or a leg).

 How many hours a week do you spend cooking each week? 

20? 28? 10?

If you’re ready to spend more time where it matters, 20 Dishes is here to help.

 When you join 20 Dishes they lay out everything step-by-step.

 You’ll have the complete knowledge and instruction on what exactly to do and how to prepare healthy Paleo meals for your family in less time than you thought possible.

What you get

  • The F.A.S.T Meal Prep Principles where you will learn how to prep a week of Paleo meals in 60 minutes. 
  • A private support group 
  • Live webinars every 20 days where you can prep along with your community 
  • Monthly expert courses where you can learn all the hacks from chefs and professionals on how to save even more money. 
  •  Pre-made meal plans, or the ability to build your own based on your preferences.
  • Access to an extensive selection of kitchen-tested paleo recipes.





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