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byKelly Bejelly

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Thanksgiving.  One of the few days of the year where gluttony isn’t an option, it’s a right of passage.  Just because you give up grains does not mean you can not have the same recipes you enjoyed growing up.  I thought it would be fun to share a Paleo Thanksgiving Meal plan with shopping list.

So back to Thanksgiving and why I  love  it so much.  I thought I’d share a couple or reasons while it will always be my favorite holiday.

One, I love feeding my friends and family.  It warms my heart to see them gathered around my table and enjoying each other as well as the meal.


Two, I love the way the house smells from the combination of herbs, roasting meats and bubbling broth. Oh mama, I’m drooling as I type.

I wish your family and very happy, blessed Thanksgiving where the only argument is if you should have a second piece of pie.

To make your Thanksgiving taste as perfect as can be I created the my “Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving Meal plan.”   For the low price of $.99 you get the following recipes, shopping list and a handful of tips to make Thanksgiving a whole lot easier. 




If you don’t unbutton your pants after this meal, I will be extremely surprised or you just might be like me and wearing stretchy pants.




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