Listen up Paleo Podcast: Episode 8

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listen up paleo podcast


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Show Notes:
{0:00} Intro! Welcome Vivica from the Nourished Caveman!
{1:10} Vivica’s Story!
{6:00} What is Keto?
{13:10} The history of the Ketogenic Lifestyle!
{14:45} We chat! And disclaimer time, and Liz gets slightly silly.
{16:45} Different kinds of Keto. And why Vivica loves fermented veggies!
{21:00} Supplementing on Keto – is it needed?
{23:11} Starchy Veggies – should you eat them? Are they person specific?
{27:20} You don’t have to be overweight to have insulin issues! Other symptoms behind insulin problems and needing a Keto Diet
{30:13} Keto is a good thing for your brain! And how to track your carbs and fat daily
{33:45} Vivica’s Keto Program – join her mailing list for details!!!
Also check out her meal plan! Use code kellyliz for 50% off of it!!!!!
{36:43} Closing!

Show Links:

The Nourished Caveman

Vivica’s Keto Meal Plan — Use Code kellyliz for 50% off!!!!!!


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