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This week in the Listen Up Paleo Podcast we talk about getting the junk food our of the house with Kate Doubler from Real Food RN.  Listen, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe + leave us a review!


Show Notes:
{0:00} Intro
{1:05} Welcome Kate! And we giggle with lots of epic discussion
{5:19} Back on track! Kate tells about her motivation to get junk out of the house!
{9:07} When did the junk food leave? Pre or post kids – and we talk about some of our favorite crap foods!
{13:45} Top Tips on getting junk food out of the house!
{18:20} Was it hard getting everyone on board for the transition of no junk food?
{23:00} Egg + dairy free breakfast ideas!! And random stories that are awesome!
{43:00} We get nerdy about the grocery store!
{48:30} What are Kate’s favorite healthy food staples?
{55:30} Closing up the episode!
About Kate:
Kate Doubler is the author behind the blog Real Food RN. A busy working mom of two young children, she manages to balance working as a Nurse in the Emergency Room, counseling clients in her nutrition business and finding time to write about real food. She loves experimenting in her kitchen and coming up with all sorts of new and creative real food recipes with the hopes of bettering the health of her family and anyone who follows her blog. She wholeheartedly believes that prevention is the best medicine.


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