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listen up paleo podcast

This week’s Listen up Paleo podcast shares all about traveling while Paleo and Cruising. I won’t lie. It would take a mountain of miracles to get me on a cruise ship but Stacy shares some great tips for those you ready to set sail.

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Show Notes:

{0:00} Intro
{1:00} Welcome Stacy!
{2:25} Stacy’s oh-so amazing results with going paleo!
{5:10} Eating Paleo while traveling. And Chicken Feet Mochas!
{8:30} Food essentials when traveling – and we talk grocery shopping, shopping and all that jazz!
{17:20} Traveling advice!

About Stacy:
Stacy is a girl who lives in Southwest Michigan and loves all natural foods – and is totally a foodie! Cooking is her way of expressing herself and she enjoys sharing all her foodie creations with friends, family and her blog readers! You can find Stacy at Paleo Gone Sassy

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