Listen Up Paleo Podcast: Diabetes

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listen up paleo diabetes

This week we chat with Caroline Potter about how she used the Paleo diet to support her Type 1 Diabetes.  Her story shows how real food can help compliment a whole plan to wellness.

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Listen Up Paleo Podcast Show Notes:
{0:00} Intro
{1:04} Welcome Caroline!
{1:53} Caroline’s Diabetes Story
{12:36} Advice about treating your diabetes and being paleo
{20:26} Caroline tells us about being a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
{26:33} Caroline’s new book!!! All America​n​ Paleo Table!
{33:23} Caroline’s Advice + closing

​About Caroline:
​Caroline Potter is an NTP and the author of the blog Colorful Eats where she believes food should not only be healthy but also bring joy into your life! After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in college, Caroline developed a passion for nutrition, food photography and recreating her favorite foods from a grain-free perspective. Caroline lives in Hawaii where her husband is stationed at Pearl Harbor and is currently writing a cookbook, All American Paleo Table!

Colorful Eats
Cookbook: All American Paleo Table​

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