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One of my favorite messages in this podcast is how healing is a journey. Far to often we thing that healing is a quick fix when it really is a something that changes day to day and take time.

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Listen Up Paleo Podcast Show Notes:
{0:00} Welcome Trisha!
{3:15} Trisha explains the GAPS Diet + her son’s story
{16:15} How Trisha’s son is doing now after being on GAPS
{19:50} What meals fit everyone in the family + GAPS approved?
{27:10} Trisha’s advice for Moms + Dads
{42:15}: Closing

About Trisha:
Trisha is a freelance food photographer as well as the author of Eat Your Beets, a blog focused on real food for real families. As a mother of 4, she encourages other moms to cook intuitively, learn their way around the kitchen & keep a sense of humor when it all goes south. She’s a regular contributor to the photography website, Click It Up a Notch & just wrote her first ebook on food photography called, Eat Pretty Things.

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