Listen Up Paleo Podcast: Women’s Digestive Health

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Listen Up Paleo Podcast Digestive Health


We learned some real gems this week about Women’s Digestive Health with Dr. Meghan Birt!

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Listen Up Paleo Podcast Show Notes:

{0:00} Welcome Meghan!!
{3:00} Meghan’s Grain Free Story!
{10:20} Meghan’s butter brand of choice!
{11:04} Meghan tells us about Women’s Digestive health
{17:45} We get nerdy: Microbiome explained
{21:15} Take aways from all the nerdiness
{31:00} Detox – when, where, yes or no?
{37:00} Meghan’s new website + transition!
{42:00} Tips + tricks

About Meghan:

Dr. Meghan is a chiropractor, health coach and total foodie. She recently launched her website (formerly Just Enjoy food) which still includes her grain-free and refined sugar free recipes but includes health coaching and many other resources. Meghan’s love of all things natural started many years before getting her chiropractic degree. It started with food and a desire to fuel her body better. It got spurred into a deeper knowledge through her education and through her own health story of getting her body well through natural means. Her purpose of her website is to empower, encourage and educate women to reach their full purpose and potential through focusing on taking care of our health, the importance of self care and loving the body that God gave us. Dr. Meghan’s focus is on women’s digestive health, nutrition and a healthy approach to weight loss.

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