10 Products to Try From 100% Pure

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I turned 40 this month and my inner girly girl finally decided it was time to come out and play.

Makeup has been a mystery in the past but now I’m jumping in head first and learning the art of makeup.  It’s super important to me to use quality non toxic makeup so when I asked my friends what they use and they said 100% Pure, I knew I had to check them out.

I went crazy and bought a lot of amazing products and I seriously LOVE all of them. They perform really well, which of course is a must have in my makeup bag, but more importantly they’re truly non-toxic. A lot of other brands claim to be natural, when really they just feature some natural ingredients with a whole lot of junk mixed in. Some of these brands you can’t even find an ingredients list on their websites! That’s when you know they’re really trying to hide something.

So skip the conventional toxic stuff that can cause health issues down the line, and give some of this natural makeup a go!

100 Percent Pure products to try - A Girl Worth Saving

Facial Cleansing Brush – $20

This brush is made with antibacterial fibers that gently cleanse and exfoliate your face to give you that natural glow. It isn’t harsh like some other facial brushes. Just load it up with your favorite non-toxic cleanser to naturally get rid of dirt and grime.


Moisture Drench Combo Set $54

This shampoo and conditioner set is perfect for curly hair! Treat your luscious locks to this moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It’s chock full of good stuff like avocado butter, rose hydrosol and horsetail herb to restore and revitalize dry hair. Even better, it’s safe for color treated hair.

Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth Saving

Fruit pigmented sex kitten eye shadow palette $45

Unlike other eye shadows that rely on synthetic dyes and minerals, this palette harnesses the power of antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable pigments. So pamper your eyes with ingredients like pomegranate, goji berry, avocado butter, and show off those glittery lids.

Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth Saving

Coconut nourishing body cream $19

Your skin will feel so soft and hydrated after using this nutrient packed body cream. It’s perfect for those dry winter days, but it’s also light enough for summer. It features age defying antioxidants and extracts like Vitamin E, Acai berry, and green tea.Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth SavingMaracuja Mascara: Black Tea $25

Flip over any bottle of drug store brand mascara and you’ll be shocked at the ingredients in there you can’t even pronounce. This black tea mascara however not only lengthens and colors lashes, but it does it with black tea, berry and cocoa pigments. And it’s even water, smudge and flake resistant for your busy lifestyle.

Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth SavingCoffee bean caffeine eye cream $15

There are so many eye creams out there making promises that don’t deliver. This coffee eye cream though reduces the appearance of dark circles, lines and wrinkles, improves skin firmness, and has the clinical studies to back it up. 97% of participants in this study saw reduced puffiness, while 80% saw an immediate improvement in lines and wrinkles.

Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth Saving

Pomegranate oil anti-aging lipstick: hibiscus $29

Most of us know to use anti-aging products on our face to protect it from environmental stressors, but our lips need just as much attention. This lipstick nourishes, hydrates and protects lips from the signs of aging for a true all in one product. It’s packed with anti-oxidants and colored with fruit pigments instead of synthetic chemicals and dyes that damage lips.

Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth Saving

2nd Skin concealer $45

This concealer features olive squalene, which mirrors the lipids in our skin to help regenerate naturally. You won’t find any harsh minerals in here, but the smooth formula uses antioxidant rich fruit pigments and vitamins to give you adjustable, natural coverage. It helps to correct skin to give you that youthful glow as it helps hide skin flaws.

Products to try from 100 percent pure - A Girl Worth Saving

Non-toxic nail polish $12

With colors like Aberdeen, mardi gras and cherry pop these all natural nail polishes will help you show off those beautiful nails. There are over 50 colors and they’re all free of the common cancer causing ingredients found in conventional nail polish like formaldehyde and parabens.

100 Percent Pure products to try - A Girl Worth Saving

Vitamin C serum $39

This non-greasy serum sinks into skin to boost collagen production and renew at a cellular level. It can be used as a stand alone product, or paired with other treatments for both morning and night use. And unlike other vitamin C treatments, this one is stable and potent for powerful results.

Which of these products would you be most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below,  and be sure to share this post!


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