6 Trendy Healthy Products and Meals You Should Try

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For centuries, humanity has been looking for more new products and recipes to diversify our ration and enjoy incredible flavors. This search continues today as well. Every year agronomists, nutritionists and producers discover new features of different food all over the world.

However, the healthiest one are in favor today. It is unbelievable how many delicious and valuable products we miss. Their consumption can change our lives and health for better. Nowadays there are dozens of new curious meals that gaining in prominence.  The leading food-experts collected ten most curious and tasty food trends for 2017.

Natural sugars

White refined sugar is going to the past little by little. Everyone knows about the negative impact of this substance: it lowers the effectiveness of the immune system, causes heart diseases, diabetes, caries, and many other unpleasant effects. Today the producers supply a lot of alternatives: honey, coconut, date sugar. There are dozens of recipes for extracting natural sugar from fruits. Nevertheless, the excessive consumption of even unrefined and natural sugar doesn’t prevent you from the aforesaid problems. Use wisely!

Vegetable smoothies

The primary food trend for today are smoothies. The common opinion is that the fruit smoothies are more healthy and delicious, but this statement should be clarified. Regular consumption of these cocktails increases the stomach acidity. Vegans have found tons of perfect alternative smoothies made of vegetables! Blend cucumbers, spinach, kale, and yogurt and enjoy your everyday business: watching favorite show, communicating on dating chat or working. This is a full-valued breakfast or lunch.


Delicious, healthy, available, low in calories, rich in nutritious elements and vitamins! This is all about a seaweed. It seems this priceless sea treasure will never get out of our ration. It is a perfect garnish or snack for everyone trying to lose weight or just carries about health.


Rooibos tea

Calling a tea everything that brews is a usual habit. However, rooibos is not exactly a tea as we always imagine. It is made of dry needle-looking leaves of African bean bush. It has a specific sweet taste, so it is a perfect drink to forget about adding sugar. It lowers the level of harmful LDL cholesterol and boosts your immune system. Moreover, rooibos is a decent alternative to coffee and green tea because of its great tonic features.


You never guess that this beautiful decorative plant has been used as a primary grain in South America for centuries! This a nutrition bomb for vegetarians and followers of the gluten-free diet. Amaranth is rich in iron, zinc, calcium, and protein. Widely used for cooking garnish, soups, salads, and puddings.

Coconut flour

Following the healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean a total refuse of sweets and baking. Today coconut flour is a perfect substitute for wheat flour, which makes it an irreplaceable for gluten-free and diabetes diet. What is remarkable, this product is also a rich source of protein. A superb product for vegans and healthy eaters!

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