How detoxing your body and hair can improve your health

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The body has its natural way of detoxing. There are three critical organs involved in getting rid of toxins and waste products. First is the liver that prevents toxic substances from passing into our bloodstream. These toxic substances come from the food we eat. The colon is another organ that flushes out toxic chemicals before it can harm our body. The third critical organ is the kidneys that filters the blood and removes toxins through urine.

While the body can normally detox itself, we have to act in order for our organs to function well. It can be as simple as getting more exercise. Our cells need stimulation to remove toxin and we can do it by sweating it out. Experts recommend having a diet that is rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. An intense massage that goes deep into the muscle tissues of the body is also advised for detoxification. By pushing on these pressure points, we give those toxins a chance to be released. When we detox our bodies, we strengthen it against many diseases and allergies. Aside from the ones mentioned above, here are few more benefits of detoxing:


  1. It increases our energy. Do you always feel so tired even if you are sleeping well? Consistent fatigue is one of the signs that your body has too many toxins. It might mean that your body is having a hard time getting rid of the noxious substance. It’s important to eat healthy, drink more water, and work out. After that, you will more lighter and energized.


  1. Detoxing strengthens the immune system. Because it is done to clear away free radicals, our immune system becomes stronger. As we fortify our body’s natural defense system, we have more control over diseases and allergic reactions. It also helps improve the natural healing ability of the body and your hair, skin and nail quality will improve.  For hair loss you can also look into a natural solution like prp injection for hair loss.


  1. It ends cravings. In this time and age, we are exposed to unhealthy foods that are addictive. Let’s take fast food as an example. Millions of people all over the world patronize fast food dining because it’s convenient and cheap. However, these highly processed foods contain many toxic ingredients. Shortening or partially hydrogenated oil, for instance, is one kind of evil trans-fat used in frying potatoes. It clogs our arteries and causes obesity.


Detoxing does not only improve our overall health, it makes our lives better. For instance, say, you were offered a job at a respectable company. More and more employers have adopted the smoke-free hiring process. Hospitals and medical businesses are the top sector that adopted this kind of policy to encourage healthier living. Thing is, a hair follicle drug test can detect a list of drugs, including nicotine. It is becoming an increasingly popular way of screening job applicants because of its effectiveness.


This is where a total detox program becomes necessary. These kinds of programs follows a mandatory diet while giving consumers a special formulation of vitamins and herbal blends. Aside from certain diets, these programs also provide their users with hair follicle cleansing shampoo. If you have a drug test coming, a total detox program can help you pass your examination.


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