Lose inches fast and drop glucose levels with T-Tapp Hoe Downs

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A while back, I shared T-Tapp review and how I was able to lose 17.5″ inches in 6 weeks. Seriously, I had seen reviews of the workout and did not think that a 15″ minute a day workout would do anything.  Like, it was too good to be true because most people think they have to workout for hours and hours to get these kind of results.  Luckily, I was wrong (and FYI, there were many times I was covered in sweat after the Basic Workout Plus tape).   Also, I’m going to be 100% upfront and say the videos are super dated but I don’t really care as I lost a ton of inches fast.

The key to any program is consistency.  I took a long break from T-Tapp and I gained the inches that I lost back.  It wasn’t until I started following the Keto diet and found that my energy levels were going through the roof, that I started T-Tapp again.   Since it’s been a long time since I worked out, I did not want to burn myself out with a high level workout like cross fit.  I wanted to ease my body back into fitness with walking and T-Tapp.   T-tapp is for everyone, even those with adrenal fatigue.

Why the T Tapp workout is Awesome for everyone!

  • No Weights Needed! There is no jumping or weights need to do this highly aerobic workout
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Hormone Balance
  • It’s a safe workout for those who suffer from  fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue


So let’s get back to Hoe Downs.  If you’re someone who has been on the fence of buying the program, I’m going to recommend you try doing Hoe Down’s for a week and so you can see for yourself, why these simple moves work at losing inches and dropping glucose levels.   Here’s a video showing you the move.



T-Tapp Workout’s Hoe Downs movement has been known to:

• Increase mental clarity.

• Help control hormonal mood swings often experienced with PMS and menopause.

• Drop glucose levels quickly (from 62 to 85 points upon completion and an average rate up to 100 points at 10 minutes post completion.

• Burn off excess glucose before it converts to fat.

• Increase brain balance.

Hoe Downs involve simultaneous left/right brain, mind-to-muscle movement. Because of this, initial coordination doing the single count lift/touches from front to side can be challenging, but within a week cognitive processing significantly improves. It is important to exercise the brain as well as the body for better quality of life! Hoe Downs are aerobic and, like all T-Tapp movements, they use full fiber muscle activation to work your whole body – legs, backside, core, lats and abs all at once!

Try Hoe Downs once or twice a day and see what they do for you!

This is a great move to do after a big dinner or Holiday meal (cough, Thanksgiving).

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