November 28, 2017   By Kelly Bejelly

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Each and every year at about this time, we all begin to lower our resistance and put down our guard.

We’re not worried about a having to put on a bathing suit or even a pair of tight fitting jeans–we’ve got yoga pants and leggings with big sweatshirts and sweaters.

It’s the HOLIDAZE!!

And we’re definitely in a haze of denial–with goodies everywhere and homemade this, that and the other thing…we figure “just one” or a “taste” or maybe “just a sliver” and we’ll be just fine.

The moment of truth is never far behind though, is it?

Ever have that moment where you slip on your jeans and the button seems to have moved, by about 2 inches?

Or you’re sporting a serious wedgie and cannot wait to get home and take those things off?

Been there… done that sister.

3 months ago I discovered Keto and this once, sugar-addicted mama, fell in love with the diet because I’ve seen the following:

  • Effortless weight loss (I’ve lost 2 sizes and will be in my goal pants by January, maybe sooner)
  • Fewer aches and pains (I used to have constant heel pain)
  • No PMS
  • More energy (I want to work out which is like a miracle)
  • Better Sleep

It almost sounds like a miracle drug but thankfully it’s not because you know it would cost like $5000 at the pharmacy.

I’m so excited to share The 21 Day Keto Bootcamp which starts on 1/8.

Included with the program:

  • The 21 Day Keto Bootcamp Guidebook ($14)
  • The Keto Reset ($27) which contains important information about the Keto diet as well as recipes and a meal plan
  • A month membership to 20 Dishes ($24) Keto meal planning (seriously meal planning is key to sticking to the diet).
  • Well Rested ($24.98) Good sleep and stress reduction are necessary to lose weight
  • Private Group Support for 21 Days ($99) Jump into the private community and share your success! I’ll be in the group daily to help you with ay questions (as well as sharing a before after picture – I’m jumping in too and not going to be just a gym teacher)

You get all these tools for the rock bottom cost of $111.

If you want the support and tools to transition to Keto so you can also experience all the amazing benefits like weight loss, better sleep, more energy and more then sign up today.


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