3 Things I’d Tell A New Traveller

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The nomadic style of life is something that lots of people dream about. Being able to travel places you’ve never been before and to meet new people and cultures is the purpose of life for the most of the frequent travelers.

If you feel like embracing one such way of living, it would require much more than just a wish from you.

So, what are the best tips one can give to a fresh globetrotter?

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the things that you’ll need to pay attention to if you want to live on-the-go.

Get Connected

No matter what you think, you will need the help of other people throughout your journey. Get prepared to meet lots of new faces and to even initiate contact and to reach out for a helping hand if you need it.

Planning ahead carefully will only take you so far, but only running into locals willing to show you around will give you that true local experience of the place. So, get social and search for friendly people in your environment that will be glad to accompany you for a beer, for a night out or a daily picnic at a certain point of your trip.

Lots of internet forums and applications can help you with this.

Also, while out there, don’t forget to exchange contacts and be generous with offering hospitality if some of them decide to visit your hometown sometime in the future.

Remember – traveling is all about sharing. And sharing is caring!

Change Your Mindset

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – this is perhaps the most common Facebook cover for lots of people who dared to live a nomadic life. As much cliched and irritating this may sound, this is one big truth about traveling.

Embarking on a great journey requires changing the entire mindset and living habits you might have. You will also need to get in shape and be prepared to sleep practically anywhere – from park benches to Perisher packages in Australia. It’s all part of a trip!

Learn how to save up as much energy as you can for hiking and reaching places which are not reachable by public transport. This means knowing how to handle traveling by plane, car or maybe a train.

Plan the Hell Out of Your Trip

You can never think of every possible thing that might happen to you – that’s true. But you can go ahead and plan your trip as best as you can – at least when you need to borrow.

Did you think about what you’ll do if you are not feeling comfortable with local cuisine? Did you Google all the international serving food restaurants in the proximity?

And did you know that Google services are forbidden in China for example? Do you know that Chinese people very rarely speak English also?

Hope you’re getting the point here. Just going with the flow is not really advisable, especially if you are not that experienced with traveling and nomadic living. Your dream trip might as well turn into a real nightmare for you without a good preparation.

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