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Lots of us are conscious about what we put into our body, but fewer of us are as conscious about what we put on our body. We moisturize, shampoo and scrub without giving a second thought to the fact that – gulp! – we could be covering ourselves in all kinds of harmful chemicals that are doing us long-term damage.

I used to be the same. After catching my THIRD cold in a year, I decided to change my diet and exercise more in a bid to boost my immune system.

But my skin was still irritable and dry. It didn’t look good. However, it didn’t dawn on me until a friend pointed it out that the root of my problem could be the beauty products I’d been using all these years.

“What? Are we going to blame Chanel?” I said almost incredulously.

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The Damage We Do To Our Skin

Our skin is our largest, most visible organ. It’s on display every time we leave the house, and so it’s no wonder that many of us are conscious about it. If it’s covered in wrinkles and has lost its glow, It can ruin our self-esteem.

But have you ever stopped to think that your tried and trusted beauty products are accelerating the ageing process, triggering allergies and putting your health at risk? All it took was for my friend to point out to me the sheer amount of chemicals that everyday cosmetic products are laced with for me to cringe and consider making a change. I did some investigating of my own and what I found shocked me …

She was right, of course. Beauty products are crammed with toxic ingredients that are allowed by the FDA. These include the likes of parabens and thickening agents that at their mildest can irritate our skin, and at their worst can cause skin cancer.

In fact, the FDA doesn’t even require that cosmetic products or the ingredients in them are approved before they go on sale.

It’s a different story in Europe, where the EU has banned almost 1,400 “unsafe” ingredients from beauty products. Since the U.S. has banned just 30, it means there are at least 1,370 unsafe contaminants (and that’s putting it mildly!) in our products.


Could I Make My Own Instead?

At first, I was so shocked that I decided to make my own products because at least I would know what’s in them. I’ve always been super creative, so why not?!

So I made my own mascara from entirely natural ingredients. Not a chemical in sight!

The result?

I looked like a raccoon.

A raccoon that had been ill.

And then been left in the cold somewhere to sleep off a hangover.

However, I wasn’t to be thwarted, and I took to looking for safe, organic and natural alternatives to the brands and products I’d been using up until now.

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Beautycounter: The Happy, Safe, Organic And Fabulous Alternative

It’s at this point that I found Beautycounter and their reassuring and fantastically conceived Never List of a whopping 1,500 ingredients that they will never ever ever EVER put in their products.

These ingredients include all kinds of unpronounceable names as well as the likes of coal tar and parabens that are stuffed into all your favourite products by your favorite brands.

Now, the question becomes, are Beautycounter’s products any good? They’re safe … but are they good?

Absolutely! Their products are selling because they’re safe and fabulous. Safe, as it turns out, doesn’t have to mean boring, and if more companies were to follow Beautycounter’s lead, the cosmetic industry as a whole would be in a much better state.

If you’re like me and want to change your beauty routine for the better, here are some of my personal Beautycounter fav’s:


I use mascara a lot, and it was absolutely imperative that I found a safer, organic alternative that did just a good job as my usual one.

Thank heavens, then, that Beautycounter’s mascara was the perfect fit. It’s waterproof, and while it can smudge a tad, all you need to do is apply a pinch of Mattifying Powder first.  The easiest way to remove the mascara is with the Baby Soothing oil. 


The cornerstone (I didn’t wanna say “foundation”) of many a woman’s makeup routine, foundation is important. I’ve tried a lot in the past that are either too thick or too light, but Beautycounter’s Tint Skin works perfectly for me. It covers well without looking overdone and is safer than most rival products.

Concealer Pen

Forget being saved by the bell, I get saved by the concealer pen … a lot.

One of my beauty issues is dark circles, and they always flare up when my allergies are in attack mode.  Thank goodness for Beautycounter’s Crease Eye Brush that eradicates my dark circles and lets me go to work without fear that Mr. Bejelly s going to mention the rings around my eyes!

I’m detoxing my makeup, what should I switch first?

First, check out your current products on EWG and switch what is the highest rated.

Recommended first swaps:

Lipstick – This doesn’t just stay on your lips, you actually ingest it and most lipsticks are filled with lead (not cool).

Kids Products – Children are more susceptible to the chemicals in products so swap their’s first.   The best thing about Beautycounter is that you can use these products too!

Daily Skin Care –  Make a swap to healthier daily skin care.

Is there anyway to get a discount?

Yes, from time to time Beautycounter has specials.  If you would like to be the first to know about those specials sign up for my Beautycounter Deals list.  You can also learn about my loyalty program where you can earn free products and get $10 for referring friends.  Sign up here. 

You can also sign up for the Band of Beauty   where you get a 15% product credit, free shipping with order over $100, gifts and more!

Earn Money and Change the World!

You can also become a consultant and share the mission of toxin-free beauty while making money and getting a 25% discount on all of your products.

Some consultants earn a full-time income, while others do it on the side to share their passions and supplement their regular income. It is very flexible and can be whatever you want it to be!

Beautycounter is a direct retail company (not an MLM), we do not require that you spend a minimum amount on products every month. We have a low start-up fee of $85 (which you will earn right back!).

This is the right time to join Beautycounter! We are growing fast, but we don’t have many active consultants! Meaning the market is not saturated anywhere yet!

Can I join your team; will you be my mentor?

Yes, I’d love to help you! Please just email me at agirlworthsaving @ gmail . com or contact me here and I’ll get back to you ASAP so we can chat to make sure this is a good fit for you and make a plan for your success.

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Beautycounter’s products are for all of us.

If you want a safer but gorgeous alternative to your usual, chemical-enhanced products, give them a go. I promise you won’t regret it!

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