7 Things You Need To Create The Perfect Atmosphere At A Restaurant

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Great food and atmosphere are not the only ways to ensure a perfect atmosphere at a restaurant. Here are 7 things to consider when planning out the way your restaurant is perceived.

Becoming the first choice for the customers is the struggle for many restaurants. The key to reaching the top is creating a unique experience. That way the customers will be coming back more often.


  1. Restaurant Concept



The restaurant concept tells your story. Before launching a restaurant, there are a few key things that you need to know in order to succeed. The concept should include the kind of cuisine and beverages you offer. It also includes style, culture and the environment. The decorations can help you create a casual or formal atmosphere. Your restaurant can resemble a true Italian or French experience.


2. Consistency


Your branding has to be consistent. The colours that are visible in your logo and other branding materials should be visible in your restaurants on elements such as wall colour, floor color, furniture and decoration.

3. Restaurant Staff



One of the strongest assets of your restaurant are the people! The dining experience doesn’t stop on delicious and good-looking food. A friendly and helpful staff plays a major part in how your restaurant is perceived by the customers. A great example is the newly opened Salt Flakes Restaurant in Twickenham. Their customer service efforts were not only appreciated by the staff, but also by LUX. They were recognized as “Best Casual Fine-Cuisine Restaurant in London”.  



4. Menu Design


Does your menu reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant? A good design of the menu can boost the brand experience. Don’t make them look like plain cards printed out without an idea. Use simple and minimal menus if you want to boost the elegant or casual atmosphere. For a cosier feel you can go for chalkboards with daily menu. Check back frequently if your menus are clean!


Nothing puts people off as a messy restaurant. It’s important to contain the chaos at the beginning. Make sure that cleanliness is the priority both in front and the back of the house. Bathrooms should be spotless as they are a good indicator at how clean is the rest of your restaurant.

6. Lightning


It creates the tone of the place. The lightening should match the concept. If you’re going for an elegant or romantic kind of atmosphere go for chandeliers and candlelight. A more natural light is perfect if you want to emphasize the healthy style of your restaurant. Colourful themes are great for child-themed restaurants. Consider how the light changes during the day. Don’t rely only on big windows as on a cloudy day it will be too dim. You may try the lightening with different intensity to match the time of day and style of the restaurant.


7. Furniture


Comfort is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Make sure that the furniture at the restaurant are comfortable! They will lure in the customers and make them stay for a while. Another thing you should think about is the size, colors, textures and placement. Those little details also add up to the overall atmosphere.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to building the perfect atmosphere at your restaurant. It takes a lot of planning and effort, but it pays off when your customers are visiting more frequently.


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