A Short Guide to Planning a Fabulous Party

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Party planning could be a daunting experience, but if you know how to do it right, you could remain organized and sane throughout the entire process. With so many details to sort through, losing your cool is easy, but we’ve compiled a short and helpful guide to help you plan a fabulous event, whether it’s for your business or your family and friends.

Get a Photo Booth

One of the first things that you will need to do when planning any party is figuring out how you will keep your guests entertained. Sure, you could hire a DJ or a band to provide the musical backdrop and get everyone onto the dance floor for some fun. But what else can you do to give your guests something to do other than dance and drink? Well, there are photo booths that have become hugely popular and that guests absolutely love. You could easily book a DSLR photo booth that your guests could use to capture beautiful and funny images. Then they could take those photos home with them to remember your special event for years to come.  

Choose a Party Theme

Sometimes, planning a party is difficult until you are able to come up with a theme for your event. Once you have that theme set in place, everything from choosing the menu to choosing the décor could fall into place surprisingly easily. So, for example, you might opt to have a Great Gatsby themed wedding or you might have a beach themed sweet 16 in the summer, as a couple of examples. Plus, once you have your theme, you could choose the appropriate invitations and you could let your guests know about the dress code as well.  

Use Lighting as Part of your Décor

Decorating for your event could be fun, but did you know that you should include lighting as part of your décor? That’s right, the correct lighting will not only make all of your guests look good, it could also serve as a means to create the atmosphere for your event. Experts recommend that you avoid overhead lighting, which is harsh. Instead, opt to use votive candles that could be set on the tables to create a warm glow throughout the space. You could set a few groups of three votives on a large table, as an example, in addition to adding a centerpiece like a vase filled with flowers.

Have an Open Bar

Guests really like it when you offer an open bar that allows them to order their favorite drinks throughout the event. So, in addition to spending some time thinking about what foods you will serve, also make it a point to offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy a range of tasty beverages at the bar.

With the tips above, you could go about planning a fabulous party with greater ease and with less stress. So go ahead and have some fun and get creative while planning your event, and then enjoy seeing it all come together beautifully.

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