The Best Mexican Restaurants

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Looking for the best Mexican restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine? Then you have come to the right place. There is no point in going to a traditional restaurant that happens to serve Mexican food and ruin the experience when you can go for the real deal. To that end, we have listed the best restaurants that will bless your taste buds with some Mexican flavor.

Empellon Cocina

Location: New York City

Empellon Cocina has become a staple for Mexican food for people located in Midtown, East Village and West Village. They have an impressive menu, and people swear that their pistachio guacamole is one of the best in New York City. They have a variety of salsas, tacos, manila clams and other vibrant Mexican dishes prepared to perfection and sure to satisfy.


Location: Chicago

If you want to explore cuisines from the different regions of Mexico, then try Topolobampo. You will be hard-pressed to see a list of the best Mexican restaurants in America and not find Topolobampo on that list. This restaurant is owned by Rick Bayless, a world-famous chef whose specialty is a modern twist on traditional Mexican cuisine.

El Charro Café

Location: Tuscon

This is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in America that opened in 1922 and is still operational today with no sign of slowing down. It is so old that many people believe the family that runs this restaurant (it has been run by the same family since the beginning) invented chimichangas. Other than that, you can find a bunch of famous Mexican culinary delights at El Charro Café, such as burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and others.


Location: San Francisco

No other restaurant in the Bay Area serves up authentic Mexican food like Nopalito. People can’t get enough of the tasty food and keep coming back for dishes like the birria de res, sandal-shaped huarache con suadero and other Mexican delicacies. Even though these dishes sound a bit weird, what isn’t weird is how they will light up your taste buds and leave your stomach craving more of Nopalito’s addictive Mexican food.

Don’t settle for anything but the best and authentic Mexican food. A Mexican restaurant is just like any other restaurant with friendly waiters and professional chefs in Chef Works men’s chef pants. The only catch is that you get to enjoy delicious Mexican food. With the restaurants listed here, you will enjoy the true taste of Mexico.


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