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by Kelly Bejelly

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Going Keto has totally changed my health but man, there are just times when I wish I could run to the store and grab a keto treat or snack instead of having to heat up my kitchen and make a huge mess.

Thankfully there is the internet and, yes, while it isn’t exactly instant gratification, I can still use the power of my computer mouse and buy everything from Keto donuts to Keto bagels.  Below are 8 Keto Treats you can buy online!

buy keto chocolate chip cookies

Freshly baked ALWAYS all my orders ship right after they are cool down. Fresh ingredients every order.


buy keto banana muffins


Satisfy your craving for bananas AND bread while keeping your carb count in check. These delicious banana bread bites are naturally sweet and super moist. A generous amount of cinnamon minimizes glycemic impact. Paleo friendly

buy keto pizza crust

Delicious fresh baked to your door. 2 Keto Pizza crust (just the crust) size 7.5” (measured across the crust). Gluten-free, non GMO, Grass Fed, NO MSG.


These bagels are…. Everything. Where’s the cream cheese?


Keto Buns that taste like the REAL Deal!

buy keto cheese crackers

Get your Keto Snack On with these Crispy Cheese crackers.


You won’t believe that you are eating a keto baked good! These are light and fluffy and have that awesome carby texture you crave on a keto/low carb/HFLC diet!

buy keto maple glazed donuts

Low carb, high protein, refined sugar free donuts!! Choose between Pumpkin Spice (seasonal), Apple Cinnamon, or Banana. Each flavor pairs perfectly with our sugar free maple glaze!

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  • Makes & Bakes by Stephanie
    July 15, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Thanks so much for including my keto baked goods in your list!!