5 Tips to keeping your relationship alive after years of marriage

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In this day and age, there are so many relationships and marriages that lose its spark after many years of being together. Some do the extreme and instead of trying to work things out, they decide to go on their separate lives.  But do not let it get into that situation, here are some tips you can follow to put that passion back into your marriage.


  1. Always show appreciation for each other – when you have been with someone for so long, you lose sight of the little things about them that made you fall in love. Don’t get into that state and prevent it by learning to be grateful for them each and every day. You can show them your appreciation by leaving little notes telling them you love them, or thanking them for making you breakfast. Don’t leave the house without kissing them and telling them how much you appreciate and love them.


  1.  Be spontaneous and surprise your lover – sometimes, because you’ve been around each other, you become too comfortable with each other. Everything becomes a routine and you don’t find yourself getting excited to spend time with your spouse because you feel like there is nothing new for you to discover. So spark something new into your relationship by doing something that will surprise your spouse! Pick them up from work and go on a spontaneous road trip. If it’s been a while since you have a gift, do it today, and make it something that they would never expect. Surprising each other will make the relationship feel like its new.


  1. Find similar interests you can enjoy together – if you’re looking for something new to do in your marriage, why not take up a hobby together? Try to look for common interests that you may have, maybe taking up a fitness class, or learning how to cook Japanese cuisine. You don’t have to spend money on this, just look for something you can do together, where you are in a new environment so that you can share new experiences together.


  1. Don’t neglect physical intimacy – one thing you should not lose in a marriage is your passion for each other. It’s important that you are still able to be physically intimate and enjoy each other sexually. If you find that your body cannot keep up anymore, there are medications, such as generic Viagra online that can help address the sexual issues you may have.


  1. Prioritize your spouse – one of the reasons that spouses may feel that their relationship has become stagnant is the arrival of kids. There is nothing wrong with focusing a lot of energy on raising your children, but it should not be at the expense of your spouse. Your love for your spouse is separate from your love for your children, and both need to be cultivated. Make time for your significant other, always pay them compliments, have regular date nights where it’s just the two of you who will focus on each other without any distractions from your children.


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