Planning Tips for a Summer Marquee Wedding

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Many people pick an outdoor marquee wedding because it appeals to them more than a traditional setting. It is a cost-effective option that many couples in Australia now choose as a budget friendly alternative to pricey indoor events.

Although there is a lot of work involved, once all the preparation and planning is complete, you’ll experience a wedding day like no other.

Shop Around

There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a marquee for your wedding, when you speak to marquee hire companies, it is important to provide them with as much information as possible about the event.

The more they know about your preferences the easier it will be to accommodate your requests, if you’d like additional features such as colonial doors or timber floors, the company may be able to fit them if you give them time to process your request.

When searching for a marquee, you should get several quotes and compare them with other businesses. Take some time to browse through various websites and speak to numerous hire companies in your area.

Consider Functionality

When erecting a marquee, you’ll want to sure that it functions effectively on a practical level. You’ll need to consider numerous factors including:

Power & Water Supply: If you don’t have either of these features in place because of the venue, you’ll have to hire a generator for electricity and find an alternative water supply if you are not connected to a mains. A generator is an essential device as it will be used for lighting, catering, music and more.

Services & Facilities: If you are just hiring a specific piece of land, you may have no access to vital amenities such as toilets. The venue may require your party to hire out portable toilets, bars, caterers and entertainment facilities to complete your marquee. There will be a lot of food and drink being served, so it is advisable to hire out a second tent for your caterers.

Access Points: When planning a summer marquee wedding, it is important to consider all access points. You’ll be entertaining a large group of guests and the last thing you need is problems with parking or signposts. You should also consider your venues accessibility when it comes to your suppliers, can they get to the area without any issues or obstacles?

Consult with a Professional Wedding Planner

If you’ve decided to go with a beautiful marquee wedding, why not take the event to another level by using a professional wedding planner to decorate the structure. A planner can take a lot of stress off your shoulders by taking responsibility for the event. If any challenges arise, they’ll be on hand to calmly deal with any problems.

A marquee is like having a blank canvas, you can design the structure in a wide variety of ways, creating a truly unique wedding. You aren’t restricted in comparison to a traditional wedding, you have so many options when it comes to style, size, caterers and music. You’ll have a beautiful outdoor venue which is ideal for summer weddings.

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