Top Anti Snoring Exercises You Must Start Doing Right Now

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Everybody knows people in their social circle who snore. For those who do it occasionally, snoring is hardly anything more than a little joke. For others, who snore more often, it’s a real pain and a real stress. Not only can snoring leave you red eyed (because your sleep quality takes a dip), but also negatively affects your relation with your sleeping partner.

Of course, there are medical procedures that attack the root cause of your snoring and solve the problem for you. However, for most people who snore, that could be overkill. Instead, trust these exercises to gradually reduce your snoring problem.

A Bit of Background on Anti Snoring Exercises

Researchers in USA have been trying hard to understand the effect of throat toning and muscle strengthening exercising on reducing snoring, and the results are near-miraculous. It is estimated that dedicated throat exercises could reduce snoring volume by 60% and the frequency of snoring by 39%. Though it can a bit of a challenge for anybody to find out the time required to carry out throat muscle exercises, the benefits are worth every effort, particularly for people who are suffering from heightened snoring.

To help you, we’ve put together some of the most effective exercises in this guide; read on.

Tongue Stretches

Stretch out your tongue tip to as far as you possibly can. Then, touch the tip of your nose with it. Next, touch the last point of your chin with it. Then, touch the farthest most possible extremes of the left and right cheek. Repeat these 4 stretches 10 times, as quickly as possible.


Deliberate yawning can prove to be very beneficial to reduce snoring (don’t do it in your office though). Exaggerated yawning for several minutes goes a long way in expanding the air passage in the nostril, which in turn significantly reduces the grunting sounds you make while asleep. Inhale and exhale one after the other, opening your mouth as far wide as possible; repeat it for a few minutes (5-10) and repeat the set for 3 times a day.

More Tongue Exercises

Here are some more tongue exercises you can try, without spending a lot of time.

  • Push the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. While doing so, put pressure on the tongue to make it slide backwards. Repeat this exercise 20 times a day.
  • Create a sort of suction in your mouth to the effect that your tongue presses flat against the roof of your mouth. Again, do it for 20 times a day.
  • Thirdly, do the opposite of the step above. Make your tongue touch the bottom of your mouth, and keep the tip of the tongue in touch with your bottom front teeth.
  • Grab the tip of your tongue between your teeth and start making a humming sound. Slowly increase the frequency of the humming till you’re doing at max frequency. Repeat the cycle 15-20 times.
  • Stick your tongue out of your mouth and take in deep nasal breaths. Repeat 20 times at least.
  • Stick your tongue out, again, and draw in a deep breath via your mouth. Then, make a high pitched sound, much like air-gargling. Repeat 15-20 times. 


Mouth exercises

Here are some very easy mouth exercises that, if done regularly, will start showing great results in toning your throat muscles, and in turn, reducing snoring.

  • Open your mouth as wide as you can, and then say ‘aaaaaaaah’; keep doing this for 20 times, and repeat the set 3 times a day.
  • Close your mouth and take in sharp breaths via your nose. Repeat this 5 – 10 times in a set, and look to complete 3 sets a day. You may snort a bit while doing this, which indicates you’re doing it right.
  • Close your mouth and swallow (as if you have a mouth full of water) in a gulp. Repeat this 10 times. Next, swallow very slowly, and hold the position when the pressure on your throat is at its maximum. Repeat this 10 times.

Singing exercises

It’s been hypothesized by researchers that singing exercises can improve the strength of pharyngeal muscles, and in turn, reduce snoring. However, because this method might prove too impractical for many people, we won’t go into the specifics, and recommend that you conduct additional reading to explore more.

Concluding Remarks

Nothing beats the effectiveness of natural treatments. They’re hard to sustain, and they take time – true. However, that’s what it takes to undo the effects of snoring and overcome it once and for all. Reclaim your sleep quality, reclaim your life, reclaim your relationship with your spouse (who’s had enough of the grunting sound) – exercise, and beat snoring.

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