Recommended Smart Drugs For Maximum Brainpower

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smart drugs

By definition, smart drugs are safe brain-boosting substances with few, if any, side effects, and extremely low toxicity. Even the term itself presupposes safe use and an emphasis on the benefits. There are, however, some supplements, which are classified as nootropics without meeting the criteria for safe cognitive enhancement. They are harsh on the body, contain questionable extra ingredients and are often low in quality. That is why their presence spurs a lot of concerns for the safety and effectiveness of these drugs.


This poses a big question for potential users. How do you find the best nootropic supplement, the real, safe and effective boosters that are both healthy and stimulating for the brain? Let’s discuss the steps for taking maximum advantage of genuine and effective smart drugs while minimizing risks at the same time.


What Makes A Nootropic Safe?


Determining how safe a nootropic is might seem easy but it is is actually quite complex. The fact that nootropics are classified as supplements enables manufacturers to avoid the clinical trials that are a must for medicines. When no tests are performed, nobody can demonstrate how safe or potentially dangerous the supplement might turn out to be.


The rule is as follows: a drug is deemed unsafe until proven otherwise by trials. A nootropic is generally considered safe until evidence to the contrary comes up. That makes it imperative to stick with supplements that have a good history of use with few to no adverse effects. If they happen to be backed by positive clinical trials, all the better.

Advanced Substances And Careful Formulation


As a whole, genuine supplements have an excellent nootropic safety profile. We should, of course, bear in mind that safe does not equal effective, so even with science to back them up, very few nootropics are found to be both safe and effective. But when nootropic ingredients are made up of substances in their high-quality forms, the safety of the overall product definitely increases.


When supplements are created under a registered trademark, the production processes are often part of a patent that focuses on reduced side effects and increased effectiveness. Standardized herbs are often carefully dosed to an exact percentage for desired results. When products are carefully formulated, they usually start with the minimum effective dosage as the established norm, and steer clear of concentrations that lead to megadosing that might pose dangers without any additional nootropic effect.

The Importance Of Good Manufacturing Practices


When the manufacturing conditions do not meet production standards, even the safest nootropics (if you are not familiar with them, you can find a list of the most recommended ones here) might pose a health hazard to consumers. Proper manufacturing happens in a number of mandatory steps to ensure maximum safety.


The first one is a screening of the raw ingredients, to ensure they have not been contaminated with microbes or other substances prior to entering the production line. All of this should take place in clean facilities which follow the rules for equipment sterility, climate control and air purification, so that ingredient quality and purity are not compromised by adverse conditions or cross-contamination. And last, but not least, the equipment used should undergo proper maintenance on a regular basis to guarantee end-product safety and precision.


Other Ingredients And How They Affect Nootropic Use


What’s the use of taking nootropics if they come in bad packaging? By bad you can also mean carrying extra ingredients that are associated with potential health risks. Additives can compromise the whole effect of an otherwise beneficial supplement, if not selected carefully and with consideration.


Not everybody knows this, but some artificial food dyes can carry neurotoxic side-effects. Artificial preservatives, on the other hand, can disrupt the GI tract and some are known to cause inflammation of the colon. And the well-known culprits gluten and soy can influence hormonal balance, diminish nutrient absorption and wreak havoc on digestive health in more sensitive individuals.


How To Take Nootropics Safely


Nootropics users take different precautions when it comes to the supplements but there are some general rules you can observe in order to stay on the safe side. The first and most logical one is to discuss the supplement with your doctor. As with any other drug and supplement you are using for the first time, it is good to get medical advice and supervision.


Make sure you follow directions to the letter. That’s how you will avoid overdosing on a supplement and have adverse effects that would otherwise not appear if you stick to the recommended daily intake.

Also, do give your brain a break and cease supplementation for a period of time on a regular basis, then resume nootropic use. You can find a great resource on cycling at By no means should you play the role of a biohacking expert by stacking up and combining different nootropics from several manufacturers, especially if you are just beginning your smart drug journey. You never know what that might result in, so definitely avoid crazy experiments.


Use The Recommended Nootropics


While nootropics are generally safe, a lot can happen between the intended and the finished product. There are too many variables involved, so no two ingredients are alike. The same goes for brands.

The best you can do to ensure safety is to eliminate the associated risks by making an intelligent choice of high-quality, premade stacks of nootropics that have a 100 percent positive history of consumer experience.


Always choose a reputable label. Do enough research in advance before you buy. Read the customer reviews. One of the best things about living in the age of technology is the free access to a sea of information. Do not fall for advertisements and order smart drugs without studying their uses and potential effects first. Once you buy, use your preferred nootropic wisely. Stick to recommended dosages, manufacturer directions, and take a break from the drug from time to time. That is how you will ensure a safe and beneficial supplementation, and avoid overdosing, side effects and toxicity.


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