4 Things you should know about your body mass

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BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation that defines the level of body fat both for men and women. And as a part of healthy aging, knowing your body mass index is definitely important. In some cases, it even determines if one is susceptive to chronic diseases. Although, this is not the only factor that doctors check as it is not always a reliable assessment as we all have different body types. But if you want to check your BMI, you can easily do so if you have the app which is BMI Calculator – Aaptiv.

Here are 4 things you should know about your body mass index.

  1.    It determines if you are malnourished or obese.


Body Mass Index will determine if you are possible malnourished. If you have a healthy weight, your BMI should be somewhere between 18.5 and 24.9. If it is more than 25, it is now categorized as overweight and if it scores above 30, it can be considered obese. On the other hand, if your body mass index is below 18.5, you could be categorized as underweight. So for this reason, knowing your body mass index can provide proper information to your physician and even to you and see if you have any risks for diabetes, heart disease, and other things. Depending on your results, you will be given instructions by your physician so you can reduce your risk of having any diseases.

  1.    It is not always reliable.


While knowing one’s body mass index is important, it also poses some problems as it also has flaws. For instance, body mass index does not account gender, and most of the time, women have more body fat than men. So even though the result of your BMI is normal, you can still have a high body fat percentage. Moreover, BMI calculation also does not include your genetic factors, activities, and more.

  1.    It measures one’s mass and not fat.


It can be quite tricky to measure one’s muscle mass and fat but as a general knowledge, body mass index measures ones mass. And this quite tricky especially if you will compare someone with an overweight category that has 25 BMI and someone who is an athlete and has a higher muscle mass. For this reason, one must still be mindful of other factors concerning their health so as not to get higher chances of having any chronic diseases and health problems in the future.

  1.    It may not necessarily be reliable all the time, but your physician will still advice you to it.

You will need a lot of tests in order to determine the status of your overall health and that includes the body mass index. If you are worried if you belong in any of the categorization other than normal, you can always try to calculate it and ask for doctor’s opinion so he or she will be able to help you lose or gain weight. This way, you can also receive counseling in case there is a need to change your diet.


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