8 Top Tips For Buying a New Mattress

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When you consider the amount of time you spend sleeping, it makes sense to use the best mattress. If you sleep eight hours a night for 40 years, that adds up to a whopping 116,800 hours spent lying on a mattress! It’s no wonder that so many people complain of back problems when they don’t have the right kind of mattress. Here are the top tips for buying a new mattress.

1. Replace at Least Every Eight Years

The general rule of thumb is to replace your mattress at least every seven to eight years. However, many people would do better to replace their mattress every five years. It all depends on how much you and/or your partner weigh, the original quality of the mattress and how much wear and tear is on the mattress. Weight does matter because the constant pressure on one or both sides of the mattress tends to compress the innards; whether you have foam, springs or something else. Higher quality mattresses may last longer because the inside materials are usually denser. Wear and tear includes kids jumping up and down on the mattress as well as other activities. While eight years is a good benchmark, consider these three issues.

2. Know That Pillow Tops Have Drawbacks, Too

Pillow top mattresses are certainly soft and comfortable, especially when you first buy a new mattress. However, they aren’t perfect. Pillow top mattresses have some drawbacks. One major drawback is that you can’t flip the mattress over to get more use out of it. Technically, you can sleep on the opposite side, but you won’t be able to use the pillow top, and you’ll be getting less than adequate support and comfort.

3. Adjustable Beds Aren’t Just Gimmicks

Motorized adjustable beds might look gimmicky, but they offer some tremendous benefits. If you buy an adjustable bed with two independent adjustments, you and your partner can each recline according to your own personal preference. If you do a lot of work in bed, or like to do puzzles or read in bed, an adjustable bed and mattress will help to save your lower spine and back from aches and pains. Before you invest in your new mattress, consider getting an adjustable bed and a mattress to match.

4. Pay Attention to the Warranty

Quality mattresses will have a minimum of a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Low quality mattresses will usually have a shorter warranty period, simply because they aren’t expected to last as long. You should also always compare different options to see which one gets you a better deal. A quick look at the Ecosa vs Tempur comparison shows that Ecosa has an additional 5-year warranty over Tempur, which can be significant.

5. Toppers Can Be Added

Instead of getting stuck with an attached pillow top mattress, consider investing in a separate topper. Did you know that toppers can be added to any mattress? That’s another reason to pay attention to the mattress itself and not feel like you need to buy a pillow top mattress.

6. Ask About Free Trials

Quality mattress companies will offer a free trial period. That’s because they are sure you will like the mattress and they stand behind their product. Be sure to ask about free trials, because this is a good indication of whether you’re dealing with an upstanding, quality company.

7. Look For a Waterproof Liner

Even the most fastidious of people have accidents in bed. Maybe it’s spilled coffee from the morning latte or a bottle of water tipped over in the middle of the night. A waterproof liner will help to protect your mattress against these little things in life.

8. Memory Foam Has Changed

When memory foam first came out on the market, consumers reported that there was considerable heat from the mattress. Now, technology has given the world the comfort and firmness of memory foam without the excess heat. If you loved the feel of memory foam in the past but didn’t get it because of the heat, you should give it a fresh try now. Memory foam is great for the body, long-lasting and comfortable.

These eight tips for buying a new mattress will help to guide your decision-making process. Now you have all the information you need to make the smartest choice for you and your partner. And remember, don’t wait too long before buying your next new mattress!

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