How to Stay Fit AND Indulge on Vacation

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Vacations are supposed to be a much-needed break from routine. They provide a getaway from day-to-day worries and they create an opportunity to explore somewhere new.

However, though you might want to escape your routine, leaving healthy habits at home can become a problem. You don’t want to gain back the weight you worked hard to lose, and you know that skipping workouts while traveling might tempt you to keep skipping workouts when you return.

How do you find a balance between enjoying a break and staying on track? Believe it or not, doing both while on vacation is possible. Use these tips to stay fit and healthy no matter where you roam:

  1. Book Smart
    One easy way to resist temptation is to avoid it altogether while you travel. Choose hotels that aren’t close to unhealthy fast food options and that offer good fitness facilities and pools. You can even choose your vacation destination based on interesting outdoor activities that blend both rest and adventure. For example, find a beach resort that’s known for lounging and surfing, or a mountain lodge where you can ski, hike, and snuggle by the fire.
  2. Indulge for One Meal a Day
    Traveling to new places with different cuisines can make healthy eating a challenge. Art of Manliness recommends choosing one meal a day, like dinner, to indulge in carbs and big plates of new foods. Meanwhile, stick to lean proteins and fiber-rich vegetables for breakfast and lunch. Don’t believe that you have to hit a grocery store to find healthy options, either. After all, 67% of millennials enjoy ordering healthy options at restaurants, so think like a millennial no matter where you are, and look for nutritious local cuisine.
  3. Aim for Activity
    Many of us seek rest while on vacation; in fact, one international study found that 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to a more active one. However, you can be active and relax at the same time by choosing moderate movement over sedentary activities. You don’t have to run or lift for an hour a day to use muscles and burn calories. For example, taking walking tours or going for swims are great ways to unwind while also engaging your body.
  4. Think Maintenance, not Progress
    Most vacations only last a week or two, which is not enough time to completely lose or gain a significant amount of fitness. Instead of limiting your personal enjoyment with strict dieting or workout schedules, try to simply keep your body at the same level of healthy from departure to return. recommends aiming to complete about 50% of your diet and exercise routine while on vacation so that you can pick up where you left off on your fitness journey.

By following these tips, you can ensure your vacation doesn’t sabotage your fitness accomplishments. After all, don’t you deserve to have fun, look your best, and feel good? Spoiler alert: you do. Combine relaxation and adventure for a stress-reducing, healthy, and fun getaway!

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