The top 4 uses for an immersion blender

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The immersion blender is an important kitchen appliance. It makes meal and dessert preparation easier. From the latest yourcookingexpert guide available online, you can review some of the main uses of this immersion blender. We will review the four main uses here. But you should buy a high-quality blender. You should get a high-quality blender. Some of the best brands include Braun, Kitchen Aid, Betty Crock and Hamilton, among others. Through a small research online you will find the main features of the brands above. This will make it easier for you to decide what suits you best. There are other good brands as well. You can find out more about them, and the best brands through an online research.

Here are the top 4 uses for an immersion blender:

  1. Puree soup

The main function of this immersion blender is to puree soups. Soups are important and good for your health. They may be taken as a side dish or an accompaniment for the main dish. If you prefer taking vegetable soups on a regular basis, this is a must-have appliance in your kitchen. Some of the immersion blenders can also be used to dice vegetables making your work in the kitchen easier.

  1. Mashing food

Mashed foods are a common dinner preference for many. But the main challenge is mashing the food using hands. If you have the latest immersion blender you may use it to mash food. Garlic mashed potatoes are one of the best recipes for mashed foods. You need to get high-quality fresh potatoes. Boil them till they are well done. You may then sauté the garlic and cheese together ready for mashing. Using the immersion blender makes sure that the garlic and cheese flavors mix well giving a very tasty meal.

  1. Making ice cream

Ice cream is a favorite dessert for many people. But ice-cream bought in the stores has a very high sugar content. You can easily make fruit ice cream which is a healthier alternative at home. Banana is a favorite dessert for kids. You do not need to add more sugar since ripe bananas are naturally sweet. The procedure to make If you opt to use other fruits to make an ice cream, you may add some sugar for a richer flavor.  You only need to freeze the bananas or any other fruit that you prefer to use and then use the immersion blender to blend the contents to a creamy and smooth ice cream.

  1. Spreads and sauces

Bread is a common breakfast option for many people. You may vary the spreads on your bread easily. Using the immersion blender, you may make hazelnut coconut butter or use any other types of nuts you may have at home. If you love Guacamole, mousse, or hollandaise sauce, you may use the immersion blender to make them. It works fast and uses very little power so you should not be worried about power bills.

An immersion blender takes a little space in the kitchen. It has many uses in the kitchen as discussed above. You may find out more about other uses of the immersion blender online. You will get value for money when you buy an immersion blender as compared to the countertop blender.

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