Tips For A Healthy Diet In 2019

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It’s important to maintain a healthy diet, no matter what your age but as we’re right in the middle of Winter, it can be very easy to scrap the healthy eating altogether. So if you need some motivation, here are some tips to take with you into the new year for a healthier you.

Cut Out The Fizz

Fizzy drinks may taste great, but they contain so much sugar that could end up rotting away your pearly whites so replace the fizz with alternatives like coconut water. If you’re looking at where to buy coconut water, you’ll find it in supermarkets, and there’s usually a good range of sweet to bitter versions to suit all taste buds.

Take On A Fitness Challenge

12 day or 30-day fitness challenges are extremely popular, especially if you prefer to work out at home than in the gym. Usually, they target certain areas of the body or help to improve stamina. As they’re only for a brief period, it will also help motivate you to see it through, and you’re less likely to give it up if you take it on with a friend or work colleague.

Opt For Lighter Options In Your Coffee

If you are obsessed with coffee, then telling you to cut it out maybe a no-no. So if you are a drinker or tea or coffee, trying replacing your cream or milk with a lighter option like almond or soya milk. There’s not a huge difference in taste, but it’s a big jump down in calories and fat.

Hydration Is Very Important

We’re told to drink around 1.5 litres of water a day, and even though that sounds a lot, it’s pretty important we drink it. Our bodies are made up of mostly water anyway, so we need plenty of it to function healthily.

Water is the best medicine from curing a hangover to flushing out your system when you’re under the weather.

Get Your Five A Day

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit is important to maintaining a balanced diet, while also getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. That’s why we’re always reminded to get at least five veg or fruit into our body a day. It’s not a lot when you break it down into your three main meals, so it’s easily achievable.

It’s also important to get lots of protein and iron into the body. So fish and red meats can be perfect if it’s applicable to your dietary preference.

Plenty Of Zzz’s

It’s very important that our body gets to rest and sleep is required to help our body get lots of energy and repair itself when we’ve overdone it. The standard recommendation would be 9 hours, but everyone can vary so make sure you get the right amount for you.

Staying healthy means that hopefully you’ll live a long and fruitful life and make even more memories. So make 2019 your year to take control of your health.

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