Waking Up Well Is An Art, Not A Science

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Waking up well is an art, not a science. Of course, with enough fine tuning you might be able to craft the perfect routine and the perfect set of steps to wake up with comfort each and every day, but that often doesn’t translate to the practicalities of the situation. But that doesn’t mean waking up well is any less important than you might consider in the first place. We all know that resting well at night can contribute to our days being filled with energy, and our mental clarity will remain maintained. Of course, one person might need six hours of sleep a night to function best, while others might take nine. Different contextual situations can often change this variable quite significantly. For example, it might be that you’re heading to the gym and lifting weights quite hard lately, which means you will need more sleep to recover. Conversely, a fantastic diet might mean you wake up with more energy available to give to the world in the morning, as is seemingly evidenced by those who follow ketosis options.


Of course, while the minutiae of each and every morning rising will be different, you can take care of the greater implements in much broader strokes. Thankfully, this can potentially give you the fundamental sense of health you need in order to apply yourself to any effort during the day, be that to improve your health, to connect socially, or to generally be as chipper as you usually are.


Consider our simple tips for the perfect morning wake up:


Catch Up On Your Sleep


In order to wake up well, you need to sleep well. Sleep debt is a very real thing, and can grow very quickly. Let’s say you imbibe a fair amount of alcohol at the weekend. It’s likely that you’re going to struggle to get true rest, as drinking suppresses true REM sleep, which is where we health the most. Over time, it can be quite easy to build up this sleep debt highly. While of course, it’s not as if your body calculates the amount of hours you might need like a ticking calculator, it’s important to consider just how profound getting real sleep can be.

What we’re saying is that if you have impeded your sleeping pattern in the weeks previous, it might be that even getting a full night of rest might not be enough to feel great in the morning. You might need to take a nap during the day to catch a couple of extra hours if possible. For some people experiencing a long bout of sleep debt exhaustion, it’s not uncommon for them to retire one night and end up sleeping for fourteen hours. This can often surprise us, as we often forget the sleep debt we’ve built up due to life itself.


It might sound odd to be instructed to sleep more in order to sleep better, but sometimes this can be key to waking up refreshed. When you wake up feeling fantastic, full of life and enthusiasm, that might be a great indicator that you’ve managed to pay off your sleep debt.


Sleep Hygiene


Sleep hygiene is a big deal. It’s important that you not only get enough sleep, but that the quality of it is worthwhile. Of course, there are many factors that go into how much rest you get, but the sleep hygiene you curate is often the most important. But what does this term denote? Well, it’s in how hygienic your bed sheets are, and how comfortable they are. We all know we sleep better after applying freshly cleaned linens to a bed. It’s the age and quality of your pillows and duvet. It’s in the noise pollution in your home. For example, if you are on a busy street, then it might be worth purchasing memory foam earplugs to prevent any more noise, or perhaps even playing a static, continual sound to help you fall asleep (yes, it works.)


Sleep hygiene is also in how ventilated your room is, what temperature you are, and what sleeping position works best for you. If you suffer from a mallady such as sleep apnea, it’s in how well you manage that condition from top to bottom. The answers that will dictate how one person can completely arrange their sleep hygiene is going to be slightly different to another person, but you’ll likely know what constitutes a healthy manner of sleep.


Regular sleeping patterns, reading a book before you turn in instead of video games, and even meditating a little? Good sleep hygiene. Crawling into bed after a long, stressful day, taking two or three shots of whiskey to put you to sleep and waking up cold with your duvet kicked off your bed due to night stresses? Bad sleep hygiene. We needn’t patronize you by giving further examples, you will often know how this applies to your personal situation.


Of course, sometimes you might need to give yourself some slack. This is why sleeping well is an art, not a science. If you have a newly arrived baby in the other room at night, it’s likely you’re going to be woken up at intervals, and your relationship to sleep will become a little more fragmented. Does this mean you’re exercising bad sleep hygiene? Not necessarily, as some things do take priority. If you can, taking daytime naps as your baby does can help you overcome this difficulty as you might have expected.




Coffee is perhaps one of God’s gifts to us mere mortals. It might be that you never feel yourself until you’ve had a cup in the morning. Of course, like anything good, there are methods of overdoing it. If you drink six cups a day, or need three in the morning to even function, you might be addicted to caffeine and need to withdraw.


It’s also important to consider the quality of your coffee. If you’re drinking instant each and every day, it might be more than worth it to consider browsing excellent coffee machines to give you a smoother caffeine rush with much better tasting, fairtrade coffee. This can make the art of waking up into something you enjoy, because looking forward to that delicious first cup should be motivation enough to get out of bed in the morning.


Cold Shower


Look, we’re really sorry this is on the list. We know that those two words probably made you recoil in horror when trying to read how to wake up more comfortably. However, it’s absolutely essential to realize the power in a cold shower. It rhymes for a reason. Also known as the ‘James Bond shower,’ this can help you wake up in the morning with stunning alertness in exchange for a mere minute or two of discomfort.


We’d recommend taking your morning shower normally, with warm (but not too warm) water. Then, when you’ve washed everything you need to, turn the temperature of your shower unit down gradually. Keep doing so until you hit one of the coldest settings available that won’t cause you to turn into a block of ice. The shock of this on your skin can be quite uncomfortable, but you can be sure it’ll wake you up. Ensure you wash your face in it, you run it through your hair, and you let it pour down your back. After a minute or two of this, you’re likely to be quite ready for it to end. However, you’ll also feel a massive resurgence of vitality and energy that should give you a truly powerful feeling in the morning.


It’s hard to explain if you haven’t tried it yet, but it’s important to realize that doing this can actually make your cognitive processes feel more clear. In other words, a good cold shower shakes the lethargy from your mind and body completely, setting you up for the day with power in your veins. You probably hate us for suggesting this right now, but we’d recommend doing so. From there, you might reward yourself with the aforementioned cup of coffee. That surely sounds perfect to us.


A Routine


Of course, even during a perfect wake up, you’re going to have some blurriness in the morning. It’s only natural. A competent routine can help you make the morning effort much easier. Give yourself enough time to practice it. We’d recommend waking up early in the morning to help you get a headstart on the day, which of course means going to bed earlier. You might read a chapter of a book to wake up your thoughts. You might even head to the gym if you have time, just for some light cardio. A competent routine can keep us connected to our morning path, to the point we can do it with our eyes closed. The path of least resistance isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to waking up well.


With these tips, you’re sure to enact better, more wholesome solutions in order to ensure every morning fills you with the promise of a new day, smiling and willing to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.


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