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To truly understand how to ensure a healthy living lifestyle, we must first look at our past and understand human evolution. The Greeks were very balanced when it came to a sound mind and a sound body. They understood the importance of the wisdom held behind evolutionary biology and how it affected the foundation of their civilization.

Today we are living in a manner that is causing our minds and bodies to short circuit. We have entered a culture shock of new technology which is affecting our psychological state and transforming entire societies. For the past 200 years, we have created lightning speed inventions and reshaped our lives drastically in a short amount of time. For example, in 1927 they created the television, in 1967 the ATM, and in 1983 the internet. When we think about how quickly our lives have changed, it is unimaginable compared to a decade ago. Our minds are scrambling to understand the digital whirlwind that involves the internet and social media. To cure the short circuit philosophy, we have to get back to the simplicity of daily lifestyle choices and work towards healthy habits.

A few habits would include:

Spending more time on new ideas and exploring them

Exercise at least 20 minutes a day, if possible

Challenge your mind to connect to new people and ways of thinking

Volunteer your time to people who have less or need your help

Add simplicity to your daily routine as much as possible to reduce stress

Speak with a counselor or specialist at Options Treatment Center who can offer you some treatment options

How Can Addiction Affect Our Health?

A person who has an addictive personality can become addicted to social media, drugs, alcohol, or even other people. Unfortunately, the mind needs to be rewired and it can be difficult for one person to do alone. We must first understand the seriousness of an addictive personality and reverse the psychological damage.

If left untreated, a person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be subjective to serious illnesses, like lung damage, heart disease, and liver failure. For example, a person that is addicted to smoking cigarettes could gain long-term damage to their lungs and increase their risk to certain cancers.

So Where Does Addiction Come From?

If a person is in a place of uneasiness, they may need a substance to relieve anxiety. Addicts rely on certain drugs to make them feel good. When they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, they can find it difficult to focus on work or current relationships.

A person may also have a mental health problem known as depression. People who have mental issues will struggle with addiction to feel good for a short amount of time. After the substance has worn off, it leaves them with feelings of guilt or shame.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can work as a temporary relief of pleasure, and in some instances, cause a chemical reaction to the brain known as dopamine. To counteract this feeling, a person can exercise, play video games or become productive in other parts of their lives. But this is also a temporary fix. This will offer the same feeling of dopamine release in the brain and trigger a response of good feelings. Our brains cannot distinguish between one good feeling from another, therefore offering a temporary solution will condition the mind.

However, a healthy mind needs counseling. Even though eating healthy and exercise is a great fix, the underlying issue will not fade without proper help.

Don’t wait for the new year to plan healthy living habits. Here are a few quick solutions that can improve your lifestyle:

Add Healthy Fruits And Vegetables To Your Diet

Adding some fresh options to your diet, like leafy greens and fruits, can offer nutrients to boost your immune system. It will promote healthy skin, rid toxins in your body, and fight cancer. It is recommended to eat at least five to nine servings per day.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Sometimes it is hard to pay attention to your mental upkeep. However, the overall foundation of health revolves around your mental state. The way you manage your feelings from day-to-day can cause an improvement in your social life and work space. Get acquainted with a treatment center to see if they can offer a solution.

Figure Out Ways To Destress

Stop and take a deep breath. Maintain a balanced mind and find relaxing activities to do during the week. You can take advantage of watching a comedy, listening to music, reading a good book, or exercising. These activities will help you unwind and offer a way to decompress.

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